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Saturday, March 26, 2005

50 Cent - "Candy Shop"

This is currently billboard's #1 single. 50 Cent is an "artist" (and I use that term loosely, as it seems it's always used now-a-days) who has gained more fame from having been shot multiple times than from his music. If you venture to his website you'll see a lovely graphic of a gun and another of Mr. Cent pointing a gun at you. All about the music isn't it? This is clearly 90% about image, but that's nothing new in hip-pop or pop music in general.

Let's listen to the song, if we must, eh?

It starts off with something that sounds strangely like Beck's "New Pollution"

When the song drops in proper the first thing that I notice is the very deep bass and the very clear & clean sound of the production. The production is somewhat impressive for what it is, yet I'm afraid it may be the only real thing worthy of comment in this track.

The back & forth vocals between 50 Cent and the female vocalist (Olivea)... are well... just like all of the other rap songs with the rapper and then the female vocals... which are perhaps the most played out thing in hip-pop (and that's against some mighty fierce competition in a genre that seems to be almost completely out of any fresh ideas.)

The song is incredibly repetitive and really offers very little of interest. It's painfully simple. "Candy Shop" is not a memorable track and will be long forgotten after the hype of 50 Cent fades.



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