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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Jonny Greenwood - Bode Radio/Glass Light/Broken Hearts

Track 10 from Greenwood's 2003 solo album Bodysong, a score for the British documentary of the same name. He is most known as lead guitarist for Radiohead, this being his first solo effort.

The album is very unique, I would best describe it as "mad scientist music" but it's not all bleeps and bloops. There's excrucitatingly sad strings and warped horns as well.

This track has three names because it ventures off into very different types of territory. It begins with some sort of random sounding drum sounds and whatnot and at first I feel a bit like I'm listening to some sort of nonsense thrown together but then a high pitched sound comes in and soon thats all there is - very hallucinatory the way that happens... and then with the plucks on the strings... It's very much a feeling of entering somewhere. Where is up to the listener I believe.

Nearing 2 minutes some pretty strings enter and things clear up a bit.

This section may be the most straight ahead "classical" as far as arrangement and sound on the album - there's not a lot of manipulation of the sound like elsewhere and I think that adds an extra bit of weight to it. It's still twisted a bit with some strange undercurrents, but it's all a bit more subtle.

It's sort of like floating at sea somewhere but I'm not sure this particular sea is of water.

The song comes to a crescendo towards the end with a really beautiful bit of strings.

I highly recommend this track and the album for anyone who would like to experience something out of the norm. true head music.



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