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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Blur - "Caravan"

Track #7 from Blur's excellent 2003 album Think Tank. My favorite Blur album to date. Don't mind that 2 star AllMusic.Com review.

As with the rest of the songs on this album "Caravan" excels in atmosphere and mood. Heavy bass and interesting electronic drums power the song along with a dirty distorted guitar riff. The song feels deep and moody as it moves along. Damon Albarn's voice sounds excellent. "And it when it comes, you'll feel the weight of it, the weight of it."

Enchanting when the "la la la la la" comes in with deep otherwordly keys.

There are some strangely distorted vocal parts in the background. There's a lot of different parts moving underneath the surface on this song - but each is quite clear in the mix.



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