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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Brian Wilson - "Surfs Up"

From the long lost album Smile released in 2004 after originally being set for release in 1967 as a a Beach Boys album. Smile became the most famous unreleased album in history so Brian Wilson's re-recording of it (all new recordings) with a new band as a much older man was highly anticipated. Most reviewers agree (as do I) that it was very succesffully done.

"Surfs Up" may be my favorite track (#10) from the album. This is an album where it's best listened to in order and where each song flows into the next, so a review of a single song may not quite be fitting for a song from this album. But maybe it's all the more reason to do so - sometimes the greatness of individual tracks can be overlooked when an album is taken as a concept.

As with most of the songs on this album the song features absolutely stunningly beautiful harmonies. Among my favorite moments is the "are you sleeping brother john?" part. After which the song changes moods. With about one minute left the a bit from another song "Child Is The Father Of The Man" is entered (as with most of the songs on the album, there are interplays from other songs) - this to me is the real highlight of this song. Just layers upon layers of beautiful vocal parts. When laying down - one could almost float off the ground - while listening to this music.

Truly beautiful music. A feeling of timelessness is conveyed. I must recommend Brian Wilson's Smile to any real music lovers out there to hear "Surfs Up" and the other 16 great tracks. Maybe the album of the year for 2004.



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