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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Primal Scream - "Keep Your Dreams"

I wanted to review a song from Primal Scream's 2000 masterpiece XTRMNTR but with almost every track being a stand out it's hard to choose just one. I decided to with this one, track #7, "Keep Your Dreams" as it does stand out from the others as being the only laid back really pretty song on the album. While I love this song my favorites on the album are probably the insane jazz tinged tracks like #6 "Blood Money."

The mood is set with tinkling keys and somewhat underwater sounding noises and understated electronic drums. Over a minute in the vocals arrive lighter than air. "I believe that syphillis can burn your soul away" ... later "time will turn your bones to dust" ... all with an inssistant fast bassline underpinning the track. Not your average ballad - something much more interesting. Otherworldly and psychedelic while still sweet & pretty.

At just past 2 minutes in the first instrumental breakdown with some very nice sampled strings and some strange sounds (very Primal Scream) helping to create a feeling something like floating, maybe like falling.

"keep your dreams, don't sell your soul." I see this song as sort of being the heart of a very abrassive in your face album. The other songs will rip your face off - this one is there to show you sort of what it's all bout.

The song ends with the refrain "I'm going down to the underground" with some nice harmonies on "As Deep As I Can Go" --- I think this is about keeping your own dreams (as the song is titled "Keep Your Dreams" and not 'selling out' to fit in with others. For Primal Scream it seems their dreams are indeed in the underground.

Great song on an excellent album. This band is so incredibly underrated it's hard for me to understand why more people just don't get it.



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