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Friday, April 15, 2005

Stevie Wonder - "What's The Fuss"

I heard this the other day on the R&B station at work. I thought maybe it was a track from the 70s I hadn't heard before. Then I learned it was a new song. I was very impressed by that because of the energy and how great Stevie's voice sounded. I had to get the song at home to hear it some more - on repeated listens it's a great song (don't get the stupid rap versions, make sure you get the original one)

The synth line is deep squelchy and funky. Real funky. How come this nearly 60 year old man is more funky than any one in R&B today? Shame on them.



The album that this new song is off of "A Time To Love" is to be released on May 3 but you can preorder the album Here.


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