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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Animal Collective - "College"

From Animal Collective's 2004 album Sung Tongs

This is Track #8 and is only 53 seconds long. A strange choice to choose to review - but I found it a startling track when I was listening to it last night and so today I thought it'd be a good one to choose. It's like some sort of combination of The Beach Boys with ? There is no instrumentation on the track other than many layered voices... there is a very evocative (of what though?) sound ... and when I say sound that's the best way I can describe it really. I think it really depends on where your mind is at the time what you think it is... it sounds possibly like some sort of horrible monster slurping something up.

The lyrics : "you don't have to go to college."

8/10 - Possibly deserves a 10/10 just for being so interesting. Definitly worth a listen as is the album.


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