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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another New FEATURE! (MST3000 for songs)

I've had another wonderful idea for a new feature. I'm trying to spice things up here at mp3 reviews.

This new idea is going to be spoken song reviews which will be playable from this site! and ... the commentary will be running - length of the song. In otherwords if you had the software you could play my commentary track along with the song and you'd be hearing the commentaries about those parts at that time. I would like to actually do it where the song was on in the backround sort of so you could hear what I am commenting about - I've thought about doing this but decided against it just as not to draw any attention to myself from the RIAA. BUT I am going to take submissions by indie bands/artists who are willing to have their song commented on with the original song in the mp3. Now of course you would retain all rights for the original song - all you'd be doing is giving me the right to place it on the site with me commenting overtop. But if it gets a bad review you can't ask me to take it down. Ya dig what I'm saying? By submitting your song for review you are agreeing with these conditions.

Submit to this thread or send an email to


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Blogger Magic Goblin said...

come on you bastards. someone leave me some real comments.

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