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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bob Dylan - "Mississippi"

This is the second track off of Dylan's 2001 album love & theft and it's one of my favorite tracks on an excellent album. His older strained voice seems to fit the mood of the song perfectly. It's a wistful and thoughtful rather than desperate and sad. The music glides along reminding me a slight bit of the Travelling Wilbury's. It's Dylan's voice and lyrics that really sell the song though. I love the line "the only thing i've done wrong is stay in mississippi way too long." Just sounds beautiful the way he sings that line.


Check out the album if you are a Dylan fan and haven't heard it yet. If you don't know Dylan's work yet use the Amazon search box on the left to search for Bob Dylan and buy some albums like "highway 61 revisited", "blonde on blonde", and "blood on the tracks" today.

I particularly recommend


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