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Saturday, October 29, 2005

New Feaure : High As Hell Reviews.

This New Feature Of MP3 Reviews Is Where I Get High As Hell By Smoking Marijuana And Then Make A Review Of An MP3 While I Listen - In Sort Of Stream Of Consciousness Style - Perhaps Even Becoming Sort Of Like A Story At Times. But I Guess We'll See. Not Too Many Rules On This One, Alright Buddies?

#1 Aphex Twin - "Meltphace 6" which is on track #5 on CD 2 of the two disc album DRUKQS from 2001. It is 6 minutes and 24 seconds long. I have not listened to this album in awhile so this'll be a pretty fresh hearing of this track.

first of all. i just closed my eyes and i have to say i'm prety damn high. getting actual visuals closed eye now. like light AMT (ALF) even. very nice. There is a lot going on in this track. Or atleast there seems to be. All the sounds are very clean and everything is spaced in a way in that I can hear each sound seperately. This song really surprises me around 2:20... as it gets very quiet and spaced out sounding... I for one couldnt believe only that much time had passed. it seemed like a lot more had happened. Things to get going again though pretty quickly. At around 3:30 I'm starting to hear some voices... some of the drums seem to be turning into voices and there's also some delayed vocals on top... Highly visual music its really beautiful when I close my eyes - but it sort of takes me out of it, this whole typing thing. But man, it's for science. And no, I actually haven't been high for any of the earlier reviews. I don't get high that often. Although maybe that should change. Marijauna and some nice stuff isn't it? Actually that leads me to something, which got me completely offtracked from listening to the song but this site has some interesting stuff at it (obviously just for TABACCO USE. I would never recommend illegal drug use to anyone.) /end paranoid legal stuff (man you can really tell how high i am, baby!) no but no kidding. NONE OF THESE ITEMS ARE INTENDED FOR ILLEGAL USE, EVER. EVER!!! check it out. um... yeah so the song was quite cool actually - but I did become distracted there at the end. but it was very visually evocative. It receives an 8 out of 10 for high value. If you are high right now maybe you would enjoy listening to :

#2 Radiohead - "where i end and you begin" - track 6 from 2003's HAIL TO THE THIEF.

oh the song has formed a tunnel in my mind about halfway through... gold bits floating in ciruclar motions. here comes the big guitar riff. grennwood's solo here before it goes nuts.. yeah i know... and there X marks the place.. there is now some white bright light at the top of a mountain with a ridiculously orange sun... eye ballss in the sky now. eye balls circling in the sky. there are a lot of circles in this song. i know my typing is getting a litttle slppy now. i am typing with my eyes closed really trying to report from the inside of the spaceship. its much more of a journey with my eyes closed. oh and yes i am listening on headphones. This seems to be mostly a n aerial view of some beautiful mojuntains... in reality its a pretty sort of scary song but this time its takin gme on a mostly sort of beautiful trip... maybe theres just something inherenitnly beuaitful in the song. ok now the song is over... and i'm wondering - should i correct all of those errors to make it more ... readable? but i figure no for 2 reasons, for one it would sort of be like a bit too 1984 you know. changing the facts and whatnot. ok now that may be stretching things a bit far. a ludicrous comarison if i've ever heard one. but er.. also for #2 i'm too ... just not in the right head to go about correcting a bunch of shit I just wrote... and basically fuck it. yeah i know that shit is all a bit off. ok who am i defending myself to? the bastards who come here and leave comment spam? how about I get some real comments on this motherfucker? i'm spreading the gospel of beautiful tunes.

7 pot leafs for this one. if you are high you may want to check out radiohead's 6th album hail to the thief.

#3 The Olivia Tremor Control - "The Sylvan Screen" track 18 from 1999's BLACK FOLIAGE. This song is just over 6:07 long. awhat the hell is going on... i think its been over a minute now... its like.. just weird things craawling through my head.. maybe a toy train sort of thing... ok now a guitar starts... theres a dwarf off iin the distance. maybe a grey flannel dwarf. just a smile now. holy shit. thats all i have to say. ok um. maybe i should say more. you probably odont dunderstand at this point. ok but now imam driving very quickly down the high way .. so much so everything i sa blur... just m illions of trees going by my head now. every color you've ever seen. maybe into the ocean now. oh but we are flying out of the water now like a giant monster splashing the water was we run towards the shore. a greyish squirrel monkey ais at my feet. sort of like a pig but taller and with a brown tail. no one here is a sugar coated pepper corn freak tomato. now you are just being ridiculous. i Remembered I am listening to a song now. there are some ailens attacking. alieans attackin a 4 string quartert.. but um.. now i think things have gone wrong. holy shit how does that go back into the song. BALLS. what the hell is going on in here. things aare kind of happy again. oh... thats a strange effect.. its like the sky is filling my head. my head is now expanding.. getting blown up like a blaoon. there are now very scary people inside of my head, HOLY FUCK FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK YOU!!!!!!! SHIT. its still the song. oh my lord. fuck. um... yeah that was fucked up.

10 motherfucking pot leafs.

if you are high - you should be listening to this album right now.

#4 Syd Barrett - "Octopus" 7th track from his THE MADCAP LAUGHS album from 1970. Syd of course was the originator of the Pink Floyd and the force behind their first album. Barrett's the only thing I could think of to follow that OTC track.

things ar estrangely off balance currently. now sort of a siral beiing formed but it juust got torn apat and is now coming back the other way. some purple geometric shapes. trip to heave and ho. to and frow. close our eyes to the octopus ride. woah. ok. the lyrics seem to be keeping me in the world of the song a bit - which is cool it's groovy song. with some rather strange lyrics is groovy potatoes. that english it was not. i kind of dig how the song sort of loses time there a couple of times on the way out. very sloppy. good fun.

I enjoyed this song but it didnt blow my head off like the last one. but you know, its not like these things are in a vacuum - it probably has more to do with my mood at the moment and how high i am how much i get into the song as much as the song itself. that being said while syd is a very trippy dude and this is aa great song. the song is a bit basic in instrumentation and while it has a few little weird sections it doesnt just blow your mind with arrangement. its more of a song song than a sonic brainblower which the last few especially the aphex twin and OTC have had in their benefit. at the moment... if i was high i might listen to this - it depends on the mood and what you are going for - sometimes you dont want to trip like a madman - sometimes you just wanna sit back and listen to some music. or maybe you wanna hear some wild lyrics and go on a story that way rather than on the sonic edge. what? what i'm saying is i give this song only 6.5 marijuana leaves but thats still a lovely score and its a great song!

#5. The Pink Floyd - "The Scarecrow" track #10 from 1967's Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (featuring of course Barrett on vocals and guitars and writing the songs.) ... Now those of you who've only heard later Pink Floyd - this will be a totally different sound to you. Different lead singer, different guitar player ... much of the later Pink Floyd sound is based on Syd and... many of their lyrics are written about him. Google Syd Barrett if you don't know the story. Syd is a fascinating person and he was an amazing songwriter. Anyways on to the song... This one is only 2 minutes 10 seconds long... where we go. im not sure that was on urpose but that was some weird shit. some of the stranger percussion you'll hear on a any song. rather strange instrumentation in general. i quite like the ending. just a really unique neat little track. sort of like opening up a door to another world and just getting a glimpse of it. 8 marijuana leafs. and it should be noted that there's another track on this album #7 Interstellar Overdrive that I am not going to listen to now because I'm too scared to. This album is a must check out if you plan on getting high in the future my good friends.

ok that's it for now. i may decide to add more later. depending on how i'm feeling.

doubtful though, actually. enjoy what you've got! not every day someone does a service like this for his fellow man.


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