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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

high as hell #5 (radiohead overview)

High As Hell Reviews #5. working on getting high now. the reviews are to come my friends. i am not sure whether i'm going to continue the theme of career overviews or whether i'm just going to listen to various artists as i feel like it. i will have to take a couple of tokes to think this over. !

I think i've decided on a Radiohead career overview. I'll be starting at their early career and go through their most recent stuff. I don't think a lot of people think of Radiohead as a really psychedelic band - they aren't psychedelic in the cliche sort of way - ... but to me they are definitly psychedelic. anything that really stimulates your mind is psychedelic music to me - I had a discussion about this earlier. It explains why beethoven is pychedelic and britney spears is not (of
course when you're actually tripping EVERYTHING is psychedelic... ) ... but that's not to say there cant be trippy little production tricks and whatnot even in otherwise rather unpsychedelic music - it's sort of hard to explain what I mean by that... but to me anything that tickles my ear with a little surprise is psychedelic as well as things that take you on a journey. still, probably makes no sense to you. oh well :) let's move along man.

first things first - we must choose a song from pablo honey. of course I could go with "creep" ... and I probably will, although i dont consider it a very trippy song... it'd be a good reference point to compare to their later material. - (radiohead in my opinion have got more and more psychedelic as they've gone along probably hitting a pinacle at kid a and leveling off a bit in the realms of creating psychedelic music since then.) . but first i must take a piss and a couple more tokes and make a decision at that time. I've decided to update this one song at a time! so those of you who are lucky enough to find this blog at this momentous time will be able to read in real time the magical reviews of the magic goblin!


#1 "Creep" - off Radiohead's first (and by far least interesting, so far.) album Pablo Honey

first thing i notice is the song feels faster than i remember it being. pretty quick tempo to start things off. remember people my eyes are closed while i type and watch the song as it approaches me. speaking of angels thom - your voice sounds quite lovely. it does seem like it could be a bit more all over it though. pretty nice release on the chorus - which is of course what the song is famous for. during the chorus i started getting lifted to a bit of a pscyhedelic mindset but i'm not quite flying high yet. it does feel a bit like an explosion as the second chorus hits. lots of light created by that. really its this bridge section that takes the song to the next level. ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun. ol' mr. yorke sure has some pipes. overall a nice song - i did enjoy listening to it - but certainly much more emotional than trippy or psychedelic - besides the guitar grunches and some sort of explosive guitar playing during the chorus - the song is sonically pretty straight ahead and untrippalicious. 3 marijuana leaves.

#2 "The Bends" - from The Bends. second song on their second album. this has always been one of my favorite tracks on the album and I think it's got some interesting bits. when I first saw radiohead live in '98 this was the song that I remember
really blowing my head off. nice the way the guitar just torn into that sort of ambient atmosphere and ripped it all away. theres some nice sort of like little buillds and releases in that intro. sort of subtle in a way. i like the organ(i think) in the background on the verse.. its very buried. but there ti is. on that first verse anyways.. no i hear it underneath the crunch guitar on verse 2. im still not getting a lot of visuals yet. im not sure why. usually im out of my mind with this much pot. i like those sort of little pauses ... thats the kind of subtle thing people only notice subconciously usually. awesome instrumental breakdown. this is what was really amazing live. lots of things just circling all around now. things are getting wild. mr. greenwood is getting a bit insane with his ol' guitar. some nice deep bass in this song as well. overall i quite enjoyed the songs and was headed a bit to some trippy bliss but didnt quite make it. not sure if i blame the song or my mental state at the moment - though probably more the latter - i'm still going to give this song a rather low score - 4 marijuana leaves. it was definitly more psychedelic than Creep though - especially that instrumental breakdown. that was real nice. now again, i dont want to go over this every time kids. but yes i get quite close to tripping when i smoke the weed - its because, i believe, of all of the psychedelic drugs i've done in my life - it makes it quite easier to get into
that certain mindset where i see a dead armadillo on my bookshelf.

#3 "Climbing Up The Walls" - track #9 from OK Computer.

now this is a bit more of a creepy place to be. right off i hear a lot of thought behind the sonic space here. a very wide open sound yet many little details as well. difficult to do this properly - very nice. the synth bass sound is really awesome here. those vocal sound effects are just insane. like laughing faces floating acorss the mindspace. getting a bit scary now. this instrumental bit is insane. its hard to tell if its a fucked up horn, a fucked up synth or maybe even a guitar knowing these ol' crazy kids. it could be anything. pretty nuts. overall a very psychedelic track - i'm really not getting into the right mindset tonite or i think that could have been really nuts. 8 marijuana leaves.

#4 "Palo Alto" - from the Airbag EP released after OK computer.

this song is pretty bloody insane. this is really taking me somewhere now. everything feels like its going THROUGH my head. when that crunch guitar comes in its very weird - its as if things are living in the guitar. i love the way you can hear the slides on the string and everything on this - that sort of just dirty sound - it sounds amazing. greenwood is a fucking god of the guitar that is for sure. its really amazing how just weird and ambient its getting now. the song is just madness. great stuff. this is just very evocative music. i think this is going to be my favorite song so far. just great guitar effects and production in this track. i loved the spaces created... so intense and psychedelic at the same time.

#5 "the national anthem"

nice spacy biz... the echoing voices from somewhere.. its fsort of like the one sound is the antanae and then we are hearing what its picking up with some of the other sounds... things are getting pretty damn circular now... just a tunnel type thing... like inside a thing. um.. crazy band arrives just sort of off time and wild. crazy people. not much sense. sort of out of nowhere a voice appears. the voice seems to be creating sort of stairs somewhere... very strange sound here in the right channel... these horns are just nuts now. its nice how theres this other sort of just alien sound competing against the horns.. its really just creating a furious ball of energy now - just leaping in all different ways... like some sort of flaming asteroid out of control. now some horn is trying to suck the rest of the song in.. the horn player looksl ike the cartoon character fat albert. he's just a jumping around sucking all of these people into his horn. its like an old 20s style cartoon. a silent movie type thing with this as the music. but occasionally something .. that shouldnt be tehre like a bright spaceship will fly in the background. 9 marijuana leaves

#6 "pulk/pull revolving doors" - from amnesiac.

interesting the way the left and the right are seperated. the two sides are slightly off from each other to produce a sort of intersting back and forth sound with the drum taps. mostly many sounds back and forth.. the voice is right there in the middle of the head. now i am seeing sort of a space bug marching. the space bug is giving orders occassionally. but mostly he just marches and throws laser bolts. now he is starting to dance.. he has many stickmen all around him doing dances too. very sort of ... hm... things seem to be sort of melting down into my ears. i've got a bit mesmerized by the track. man.. when things get all quiet there its rpetty insane to just watch the things all sort of cycling waiting to come into your brain and then it gets started and its all flowing right into your brain. sort of like on conveyor belts. theres just sort of a door flapping open and closed at the end. 9 marijuana leaves.

#7 "Fog" - bside from the Amnesiac period

much like the name there does seem to be a fog created by the noise there... nice.. its very much like the song itself is actually in a fog... it looks like a boat floating on the ocean.. or maybe just a lake.. but i think the ocean... no.. a lake... there is fog there... its darka t night... the twinkling sort of keys there... oh those are just lights around the boat... its all so soft and gentle yet spooky and creepy at the same time. the backing vocals are just a beautiful touch there. i'm a big fan of the percussion here.. coming in... its a neat .. thing the way this sort of song seems to be almost encrouching on this weird little world. just a real nice hypnotic feeling created towards the end. nice the way the sort of steady bass comes out of it all towards the end.

#8 "backdrifts" - from 2003's hail to the thief

sort of a very outer space feeling created here. sort of like just being in a very sterile space ship. but when the drum and the voice enter thing sfeel a little different - not sure how though. its nice how these sort of clean sounding synth line is coexisting with this sort of ambient backwards biz and then just these insane sounds all around. my really favorite part of the song has entered - the backwards guitars... there's really a great soundspace created here. the vocal effect sounds sort of like ghosts whispering in the background - pretty goddamn creepy. im really enjoying the drums - some really nice little subtle changes here towards the end. i love that sort of attention to detail and find this sort of place... where its just like... you really zoom in close with your microscope and see this one little bit of whats going on - i find that very interesting. 8.5 marijuana leaves.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

high as hell reviews #4

workin' on it my my main G's. slicer up a bucket of donkeys if you have the chance.

#1 - the flaming lips "slow nerve action" the last track on _transmissions from a satellite heart_ ... (a visual journey) already some curviture of space time. hold on. ok... big monster.. people all around ok i have to stop. i think i may have got too stoned for that. had to turn the lights back on. ok... um... yeah.. interesting walking. a lot of people walking in parallel paths... sort of like a giant line.. like at an amusement park - but i only mean the line. there's no amusement park. oh... but now there is. there's the feerris wheel. i suppose its a message whatever isn't there is there, andything you say.. isnt there is there... well that makes no sense really - but for a minute maybe you thought it did... and maybe it's whatever makes sense to you that happens. actually that's very true. oh ok... i mean subjectively - objectively there is probably some sort of ultimate truth right... right.... RIGHT!?
!fm1!!@!?!!?! or is it just a bunch of random objects fighting for some sort of ... what... if everything is random and ... things are just bumping up against each other in these ways man... really what's the point? no wonder these random bumping things had to invent God. i wonder... if, even if the random bumping things did create it, couldn't it still be real. for example - people created calculators and they are real. are they not? ah.... yes.. now there is a pot on the stove... an amazing liquid blowing out of it and reaching the ceiling. back in some sort of buiding.... trance like um... sort of dances... electric dances.. people dancing in circles.... just sort of going nowhere but very whiny. i think maybe the lyrics repeating "its all waste of time agian" are effecting my brain signals. its now jesus in the middle with an interesting group of people running in a circle around him... just like people of all types but.. maybe they are just children actually. wearing white robes. jesus is sort of made out of some sort of thread.

9 marijuana leaves - that was a pretty awesome song. i think i may listen to more lips.

#2 The Flaming Lips - ok.. I feel sort of like going through a career spanning lips thing. the lips have had many incarnations but i think all were quite interesting... and all psychedelic in their own ways. truly so. alright then... we're gonna go back before go back forward.. back to a track from in a priest driven ambulance (i'm not as big a fan of the 80s lips stuff - bit too standard garage rock/noise rock for me.. but starting at PDA they are amazing.) track #9 "mountain side" from the classic album in a priest driven ambulance.

strange little halt there.. hm. i wonder if that was on purpose. weird. pretty much burning forward here. "dying" in the lyric sounded weird. i think that was on purpose. yes. you dirty wayne you. some wild guitar is coming in now. i like the sound of the guitar coming in on the right every .. sort of just fading in and out backwards sounds.. just like 1 note really. its really a space that is being created. that's so much what i mean when i talk about psychedelic... so much music is just that music. psychedelic music is something that either creates a space / takes you on a journey or both. now there are different ways of doing that.. yes.. and this one starts of with the space and then takes that space on a journey. but yeah... a lot of times people miss this - this space creation. someone may say why is there a guitar just coming in every once in while playing a single note in reverse... ? what does that mean musically? or how is that supposed to make me dance? but what they are missing is the sound. the pure just sound of it... the way that that is now a representation in the brain. a figure in the mind. a character in a picture. a moving picture.... every sound can create it's own area... its own character... the drums seem slightly off here at the end, very interesting... i think this is on purpose ... and by off i mean just weird. awkward. its very interesting though because it engaged your mind in trying to figure out this strange pattern things seem to be going in - and its just subtle enough that you arent sure whether its really happening or not... woah. that song went to a pretty strange place out in a lake somewhere at the end. really great... overall that might have been even better than slow nerve action. 9.5 marijuana leaves

#3 ok now we are going to hit to death in the future head. an awesome album and their next one after PDA. really all of their albums PDA through yoshimi are brilliant and must own imo. track #7 "the magician vs the headache."

sort of sounds in a box a way... a very different sound than the one i was just listening to. oh... weird voices.. ooh very weird voices. whats up with this biz. ?! the lyrics just hit my brain. theres a monkey getting down making love to the hole in my head? weird sound there... i guess that is the fucking monkey. I DIG IT MAN. i mean that about the little instrumental break that just happened. it was beautiful. it taught my mind a million lessons that i'm not willing to share with myself. ohh... nice ending.. that sound is sort of hypnotic actually... im somewhat tempted to actually listen to the 30 minutes of static at the end of this album but i'm not quite that gone .

#4 we're on to clouds taste metallic, arguably the lips best album. of course you can make a good argument for any of their albums PDA on. "placebo headwound" track 3

woah... this is such a different sound than the lips songs i've heard so far... this is more sort of beatles influenced you can hear... really nice seperated sounds... and some strange changes. now we are marching. very much like a march with the hat up and down and all of that. i'm loving the backing vocals. this is really sort of blowing my song. this song is excellent. like beatles excellent. the type of things going on are awesome. so much thought in the details - such a cool song. im really admiring the music right now more than going on a journey... its just really kicking my ass. great song. i reall love the drums especially on this track. just really neat drums. and the guitars are so bright and nicely mixed. it stays exceptionally weird while remaining just an excellent pop song too.

# time for Zaireeka - I have a version with the 4 CD's mixed down which i'll be using... if you don't know about zaireeka go to the Flaming Lips link and find it there and read about it and then buy it. well really you should buy the other lips albums first and save this one for sort of a ridiculous ending surprise. its really meant to be listened as sort of an experience - but the songs are great and it sounds cool mixed down too - so i'll be listening to track #3 ... "thirty five thousand..." ... btw track #4 a machine in india is a real mind melter i actually didnt pick that because of that, i dont wanna be too hard on my mind brain... we'll see how this one does. woah. that is some fucking iNSANEEEEEEEEEEEEEE shit. just madness. totally wild. im in a fucked up place now with just swirling demons all around me. .. this vocal effect is just insane... yeah.. the captain has gone insane. wow. those bits of white noise are just amazing.. oh man.. now its just getting completely devilish. this biz with the synths is like.. um... i'm not sure it's even legal really at this point. oh sit
er shit.. i'm starto
er. i'm starting to enter other realms of reailt with my eys opne. that seriously like put me into a tracn for a bit. bi t i think i am somewhat coming to now.

10 marijuana leaves.

er.. um.

moving on... i think
#b "softbulletin" - this one is probably if i had to choose - my favorite lips album. although after just listening to the tracks i have been... i dont know anymore. jesus man their shit is just ridiculously awesome. im having a bit of a problem choosing a track im going to go with #6 'what is the light' - always one of my favorites.

wow... the drum thing is so subtle... the way the delays are panning around... the drums are marvelous. everything is very distinct. its like i can hear every single thing in total cleanliness. im getting a beach boys vibe in a way.. and a pink floyd vibe as welll. really beauitiful. this song is just incredibly beautiful. triumphant... things slow down now and we think about where have been. that was really cool. some subtle things happened. and like with all of the other albums im tempted to just listen to this whole one.

#7 - yoshimi battles the pink robots - their latest album from 2002 (how long must we way for at war with the mystics?????) --- im picking #2 ... "one more robot" for one i think its sort of a good example of the yoshimi type of song ... and its far different than any other lips song i've heard today - its also always been one of my favorite yoshimi songs.

i sort of forgot about how it starts with this weird sound... nice subtle way that weird sound becomes a part of the song. and there it fades out.. everything is very phat sounding. warm and wet. as much as it seems like is happening its really just drums, bass, and vocals... of course with so many insane effects on the vocals its .. um.. theres some very faintly mixed stuff i dont think ih eard before there with some of teh vocals buried int he backround. oh there was another cool little thing weird sound there.. hm. .. oh man... this transition is just insane... in a beautiful way.. wow. beautiful. overall during the song i missed a bit of that feeling of space and seperation i just heard in what is light - there seemed almost too much goines on as far as delay - or reverb or whatever because sometimes everything got kind of swirled together. still a great song - but lately i've been a stickler for nice seperation ... er.. yes. but that transition was so amazing really thats the main thing i remember at the moment. 9 stars of crackhead marvin's underlegs.

alright. i think that's a good one. abit of a career overview for one of the best bands in the world - the flaming lips. if you smoke weed and you dont listen to the flaming lips you are wasting good marijuana.

Monday, November 14, 2005

It is absolutely necessary that you buy this album if you do not yet own it.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


# 5 primal scream "slip inside this house" track 2 from 1991's classic Screamadelica

sorry about the no typing. just enjoying the visual now. this has been very nice and sort of just numbly brain melting now... just cutting slices from my mind in a way that i dont mind. this repeating riff always messes with me, i know its repeating but it seems to be off or in some ... different pattern sometimes but so slightly as to only be noticeable off hand. off hand? .... now the laughing is involved. i just noticed.. holy shit. this is fucked. i have heard this song a million times and just realized the voices in the background are saying "take off your pants" - thats insane. i cant believe i never heard that before. ive listened to this song totally tripping off my balls before. 9 marijuana leaves.

#6 Sufjan Stevens - "conerning the ufo sighting..." - from his latest album illinois. I remember hearing this song recently and thinking there's some really nice subtly psychedelic things in it. we'll see... i certainly have more respect for sufjan's insanity abilities after that track from enjoy your rabbit.

evoactive... 1950s... beautiful flutes. very clean. butterfly ..... interesting vocal turn there... very unexpected. his voice gets really weird for moments. that was very interesting. very pretty tune. short. only 2:08. 7 leaves.

#7 now its time for some olivia tremor control - they probably put me on my most memorable "high as hell" review so far. and i think they are about the trippiest band to ever exist so i think it's time to listen to something off of dusk at cubist castle. i feel like going for it so i'm going to try and listen to the "green typewriters" suite in it's entirity.

i think i forgot how many great little songs are in this thing. i'm mostly just enjoying the tunes at the moment. real nice stuff. sunny days. things justing weird.. now... just a singular electronic mosquito in the air... and now here.. really i just have to go back to the ship i think. hold on.. somehow... all of these voices seem to be going at different speeds but somehow they manage to stay pretty much at the same time. perhaps it... butits not just a pitch change there was speed change as well. maybe it was somehow speeding up and down but the differences in pitch confused that even further. watching those cars peel through my head is very cool. its neat how you can make someone pay attention to such small details if its all that you give them to hear. hearing this synth slowly have another synth added to it has been very strange. things are all changing exremely slow. but somehow there is tension building. when the distored truck ran through my had that was crazy.. and then just the slightest colors floatin in the air on the right.. i know the next part is coming by hearing that "so help me baby" or whatever it is on the radio on that passing car. or atleast i think so...... maybe its relative.. pretty much just drops of waer and birds now... im hearing beat interactions between the birds and the water. woah.. just floatin n the clouds now... or stairing tat the couds as everything circles around me..

its been a while now.. im not sure what to sa.. y. we're not . er were now on #21 ... the last GT song... nice little beatlesy bass bit. beautiful backing voices. love that. quite cool. i think it's time to wrap this up. 9 marijuana leaves!

high as hell reviews #3

here we go :

1. Paul McCartney - "Mrs Vanderbilt" track 4 from Band On The Run.

Very heavy bass. the acoustic guitars on the left and right give a good answer and response sort of thing back and forth. very quickly. great horn break. some really nice seperation. i believe this is from the remastered new version of BOTR. im not quite as high.. yet.. just i mean as i was previous. but i just took a couple of good hits. things are getting a bit more wobbly now. the horn is back, this song i s alot longer and more epicish than i remember. eyes opening and closing.. to the beat, sort of marching as the song is fading out. it is sort of a march isn't it. those laughs are like a line a of a million books. with dragon heads in the background. fun song 7.5 marijuana leaves.

2. Throbbing Gristle - "tiab guls" track 8 from Greatest Hits.

ok i believe i am now blitzed.

song go. uh oh. i am entering the fuck of a scary place. its like just a dark room with fucking insane faces all around. to be honest i've already opened my eyes cuz this is well too fucked up. there seems to be no purpose here except to fucking scare the fuck out of me. and to possibly scrape away my mind. or put a probe down in my nose. i'm not sure if he's always been talking backwards, or if that's something that's started at some point. there are millions of voices in teh background.. so its hard to make out. i actually think all of thos noise sare voices just slowed down or speeded up. this is pretty much just crazy fucked up vocal talking track swith 1 and sometimes maybe 2 synht meandering. that may not sound very interesting and i'm not sure it always ould be. but it's pretty fucking insane right now. you know it's all in the place ment and the sort of space that you create. this particular space/place is essentially quite close to hell. it's been on a long time too. i'm not sure how long it's been now. oh . i think theres some sort of sort of guitar sound.. um... but just totally distorted... and now it faded out. that was totally a place i went to and then left. i'm not sure if it was a song. i'm going to give it 10 marijuana leaves because it completely succeeded in it's intentions and i had to keep my eyes open most of the track because it was just too freaky.

Scumbo - "Moat Brain" - this is my favorite indie band in new york city right now, they don't have an album released yet but lots of songs available for download.

i am suitably high.

lots of high floating sound here. th pre chorus is forming some circular motions. some sort of ciruclar things.. lots of sounds in the backround.. voices in the second verse. more circles - this time with the piano circuling the head. spinning into space a bit during this section. the end section is very pretty. sort of sunny now , out in the fields sort of deal. with trees. down the highway. very quickly over the highway... somehow i've seen this image before in my mind... like in a dream many years ago or something... that's a bit disturbing... not sure what that's about. lovely track. 8 marijuana leaves.

4. Sufjan Stevens - "year of the snake" track 7 from ENJOY YOUR RABBIT. I just got this album and havent actually listened to this song before. I have most of his other stuff but was curious to hear this - i've heard the first few tracks so far and they were quite weird. apparently the whole album is instrumental, mostly electronic.

very much like having ones head examined by many strange instruments. everything feels like its happening either to or in my brain. im now seeing random commercials in my head... like target... many swirals... milliono of kids walking down the hallway with swirls ni their hands ... now ni a circle and on top of each other and in million sof shapes. . just wlaking around like dlittle demons. ok this just got really insane for a second... like the whole thing just exploded out of the cieling. and went plooop. its like parts of another reality breakin for a few moments.. and just do their thing.... but otherwise its all this just very strange place where just a few weird objects are floating in the air. seems to be fading out now though.. er... im not totally convicned actually... things just got very weird again. unexpeced weird little balls of light. now its like we're on oz or something. very weird shit going on. this a pretty .. fucked up song. weird as hell. its probably helping it that i've never heard it before so everythings a total surprise. its like going on a magic ride. and you have no idea what crazy things tyou will see next. now everything is slowing down in space.. like slow motion.. like things are breaking apart... and slowing down in a very sort of like time melting way. oh shit man.. the way that thing was sucking me up .. into what i guess is the next track was totally insane.. at first i thought it was the beat of drums coming in but i think it ended up being something much more dangerous. now i'm contemplating a few things .. listening to another sufjan stevens song but maybe one of his straightforward ones to compare. or something from primal scream. 0h yeah 10 leaves.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Important : Read This Article.

As part of a disturbing new trend by the major record labels to fight piracy all of the following CDs put software (more like a virus) into your computer :

Trey Anastasio, Shine (Columbia)
Celine Dion, On ne Change Pas (Epic)
Neil Diamond, 12 Songs (Columbia)
Our Lady Peace, Healthy in Paranoid Times (Columbia)
Chris Botti, To Love Again (Columbia)
Van Zant, Get Right with the Man (Columbia)
Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound (Columbia)
The Coral, The Invisible Invasion (Columbia)
Acceptance, Phantoms (Columbia)
Susie Suh, Susie Suh (Epic)
Amerie, Touch (Columbia)
Life of Agony, Broken Valley (Epic)
Horace Silver Quintet, Silver's Blue (Epic Legacy)
Gerry Mulligan, Jeru (Columbia Legacy)
Dexter Gordon, Manhattan Symphonie (Columbia Legacy)
The Bad Plus, Suspicious Activity (Columbia)
The Dead 60s, The Dead 60s (Epic)
Dion, The Essential Dion (Columbia Legacy)
Natasha Bedingfield, Unwritten (Epic)
Ricky Martin, Life (Columbia) (labeled as XCP, but, oddly, our disc had no protection)

read more HERE.

Monday, November 07, 2005

MP3 Player

I plan on buying this little buddy online. Very cute and reliable. I know 1 GB isn't that much, but hey I can change 'em out whenever I want. I'll be mostly using it for at the gym anyways. Will be great to listen to an album while I'm working out instead of the crap they play on the radio there.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Magic Goblin is back

alright, i'm back. calmed down a bit. i used to do a lot of serious psychedelics and it seems because of this sometimes marijuana can really put me back in that place... where i feel like i'm on lsd. the difference it's easier to shake myself out of it on just the marijuana, luckily really. er... or you know. anyways i'm now looking for another song... for the record "i want you" scores 10 marijuana leaves. it's the fucking beatles.

#3 Super Furry Animals "Lazer Beam"

I actually havent got into this album yet (Love Kraft, this is track #6) so I figure... if its going to get me, now would be the time eh? I'm a huge fan of Rings and the stuff before Rings but Phantom and so far Love Kraft have sort of just not really clicked with me. So anyhoo. this is the first high as hell song i've listened to that i'm not sure I like. heh, we'll see how it goes. i don't really remember this album by individual tracks that well yet (have only listened to it 4 or 5 times... and maybe a bad sign that i dont really know one song yet?) --- anyways i think i remember liking this song... so that's why i picked it. how much pre-story are we going to get here? maybe i'm still a little freaked out from the vacuum cleaner?)

... pretty nice intro there. there's a lot going on here. i am getting a lot of visuals but it feels almost like so much i'm seeing that i can't really report... as in its like my head is cut up into 5 parts all seeing their own thing. It's not really taking me to any particular place though - it feels like i'm seeing a performance by a ton of little dwarves or something. and i'm sitting in the audience watching it. it seems sort of.. overblown a bit? although I am liking this section more as it's slowing down and spacing out a bit. I'm finding this a bit too overly joyous (?) and repetitive at the moment. At about 3 minutes things get a lot more interesting. i'm actually a bit dissapointed when the song drops back in. This song at the moment is reminding me a bit of Golden Retriever from Phantom Power which is not a good thing. While this song does have a lot going on and is certainly a psychedelic song... I'm not feeling much depth to it - it just feels like candy and it's not allowing me to enjoy it. Maybe I'm just not in the right mood for it? maybe I didn't give it a real shot. but I'm just not feeling this one at the moment. 3 Marijuana Leaves.

#4 Another one I'm not sure how much I like yet.. although I've had definite better first impressions off of this album. No idea yet about the individual songs I believe I've only heard the album twice so I'll be picking a track at random. I guess track 7. oh yeah this is Broken Social Scene's self titled album, which like Love Kraft, from this year, 2005. the Song is "windsurfing nation"

I liked that trick. A lot of nice little glitches and twitches going on here. I really like the way the track is taking my brain into interesting different places. Great drums. a roller coaster... woah... that was unexpected. the way that came in was pretty awesome. I don't think I like the actual song part quite as much as the crazy instrumental intro but it's got some cool moments too but there seems to maybe be a little bit too much going on which is adding more confusion than anything else. i'm really digging the breakdwon. the rapping is pretty damn surprsing. i dont remember hearing that before. wild stuff. i'm seeing some sort of hiphop guys with basecaps dancing around and whatnot. very strange ending. that was quite interesting, definitly makes me want to listen to this album again. 7 marijuana leaves.

#5 Brian Eno - "GOLDEN HOURS" - track 10 on Another Green World. this is one of my favorite Eno tracks, never heard it stoned before, looking forward to it!

warmer and more minimalistic than the last 2 tracks (although the last one was reasonably warm, all things considered) very soft... i like the sort of just wacky piano playing underneath. looks like a weather aloon .. now many.. er.. hot air balloons with curious cgeorge.. all floating in the air... the guitar solo is really nice. i am really enjoying this second vocal part. the lyrics are freaking me out a little bit. overall a very nice and soft journey although with some menace underlying it all. 7.5 marijuana leaves.

#6 i had a lot of ideas for songs... while i was finishing that one up. which is sort of what i'm afraid of - I seem to have lost my ability to focus a little bit here. I've got a lot of different ideas in my head.. one is to play something very famously trippy like something from pink floyd.. the other is to play something very pop or otherwise not considered trippy. sort of totally opposite ideas here.

actually i've got this ray charles album and i'm going to play a song called "let's go get stoned" which i don't really know or remember.

thres something nice about the old timey sounding production on this. everything is very seperated.. the drums are to the right. female vocals sounding like church singers are singing "lets go get stoned" ray's voice is coming through... i'm not having this song so far as a journey ... just like i'm watching them perform. i can see ray charles singing this song and when the female backing singers come in it's like i can see them pop up above my ear where they are singing from. this song has a a real nice swing to it. his voice sounds great on this. he sounds a little older.. but i'm not sure. i might listen to "hit the road jack" next as i know that was one of his very early songs. i just want to compare his voice.

5 marijuana leaves - very pleasant to listen to but not in a mindbendingly trippy way .. more of a just laid back groovy way. very nice. his vocals sounding great. just depends on your mood... and my current mood wants me to listen to "hit the road jack" which will be song

#7 Ray Charles - "hit the road jack" .. oh and what i have ultimate hits collection cd #2 ... well and 1962.. he was 32 at the time. Let's Go Get Stoned was first recorded in 1963... er. so um.

this song (like the last one) starts off with the female vocalists and the drums. very seperated... this time the ladies are in the right. the drums are in the middle and left. simple repetitive bass on the left. This may be a bit too simple for me to get into right now. moods change fast sometimes! 2 marijuana leaves.

#8 I feel it's time to get weird again. Pink Floyd "SHEEP" from track 4 from Animals. Animals is actually not one of my favorite Floyd albums I've never really got into it as much as most of their other stuff. But I don't think I've ever heard it high. I think I remember this being my favorite track on the album - but I haven't heard it in probably a year or more.

pretty wicked way the drums came in... nice reverse reverb effect. i've always liked the way the vocal turns in to the synth on this track. i had to delte something for the well being of captain goblin. i mean magic music. or . so then... insistant bass. heavy chorus... now we are getting somewhere strange... worms... big plastic worms.. maybe actually tubes... a light coming intot he tubes... that was a retty wild synth the way it just came in. like it just landed on my planet from some far away planet ... its now stepping all over the place. sort of feelling filling the fl loor ... and now there is tdancing. grey elephant. marching like an elephant does and being only the thing an elephant could be. an an imal an elephant, i magine for a moment you are an elephant with much deisre to be a horse. what can you do. ? neat . this just got put and then taken and placed. precisely where it wanted to do. do. to. wtf. i think i actually somehow forgot about this. fucking demon com puter talking at me now. saying some shit thats jut splain wrong. im not even totalloy sure at the moment he's in the song. and that's concerning me. i'd rather not even take off the headphones for the concern that he's not in the song. i think he is though. i'll have to confirm later. or if anyone here could confirm the demon computer, please do. how did i not remember that? wtf? i've opened my eyes and i see i am 7:30 in now... so demon computer must have happened at about 6:30.. i think. lasers everywhere. this is a strange song it feels like there's a cowboy. i mean all of the vocals are just some fucking cowboy - riding around on some ridiculous horse. he is now celebrating and doing his lasso all over the place. it's sort of like midnite bowling right now. just a bit of a ridiculous celebration. i'm not sure what i'm celebrating though. perhaps escape from the demon computer? it all fades away. only a dream... laying on the lawn.. out in a field.. i'm not sure. but its a pretty day. 8 marijuana leaves.

#9 i think I'm only going to do one more song and i've decided to go all the way with it. the track that probably scared me more than any other track ever while i've been under the influence of psychedelics - track 7 from Pink Floyd's first album (with syd barrett) "interstellar overdrive" - that first album is a must own if you love psychedelic music imo - PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN.

alright... here we go:

as soon as i hear that riff i think "oh shit", actually i think i said it out loud. wide seperation... crazy guitar on th eleft... drums in the right. bass also in the right, there doesnt seem to be anything in the middle. its like both sides of my ears are fighting against each other. ok... somehow we have made our way out into outerspace.. really hard to tell how we got here though. now i see a peacock. the peaccock has dturned into a spiral... we are floating in space... im not sure who we are.. um... but there light bubbles of light.. everything i s spinning... im now in the ocean down on earth... again with the spirals.. everything is turning in on itself.. im getting a little scared so i popped a peak with my eyes, and im amazed to find its only 2 minutes into the song... ... i close again, i know i hae much longer to go... theres now some sort of metal chicken pecking at my ear. if you have heard thi sosng you know this metal chicken well. feet... and brooms... something near my feet. bugs.. oh man. bugs. bad. no bugs thanks.. hmm.. NO BUGS> shit. bugs. bugs everywhre. fucking bugs ok i had to open up my eyes. i saw something on the right when i opened.. ok just hit 4 minutes.. closing again. seem to be back of earth now... floating in vast .. ness. but with lights... of various color.. no white.. white white. white lights.. sort of like space ooddysy 2001 now... with the lights on both side.... i can seem y own eyeballs.. ok.. i had to open up again when that happened. sorry but this one takes me to dangerous bits of me ol' weird head. i just remembered a scene from a movie i saw 12 years ago. i think this shit is actually tearing into my brain and digging into my very memory ... somehow actually wedging itself in my brain. im not sure really what to do about it. i thikit actually makes those decisions for me now. armadilo. balack and red... dice.. everything is black and red... interweaving... back and forth... nothing but black and red objects.. geometric shapes interlocking... ... we some of our old friends aproaching.. adn then floating back away... we're not sure if they are coming or going.. whether we are coming to going ... woah... just was in a the .. the country.. like.. out in the country when suddenly everything just froze in place and then fell away from me. sort of like everything is going in reverse now and everything is being sucked away. i feel the return of the big riff now... its building up... this panning freakout at the end is almost like its trying to erase our minds so we dont go back and tell anyone else about what we saw. but there's little bits still there... that leak through to our every day normal ... or.. whatever it is... lives.

10 marijuana leaves.

the next round of HIGH AS BISCUITS MP3 REVIEWS!

High as Biscuits review session #2. And the first with my new christend alter-alter identity Magic Goblit. er GOBLIN.

My first song is going to be something off of Jonny Greenwood's solo album "BodySong" --- I know I have mentioned this album earlier as I'm a big fan of it. Mad Scientest Music of the highest order. Unique... Sounds like the future and charmingly classic at the same time. Now which track to play, I'm not sure - it's really an album to hear as a whole. I'm currently listening to track #10 which is very beautiful - but it just ended and was not a selection. Plus I need to take another hit first I think, although I'm definitly heading towards jupiter.

Yeah, I'm now blitzed. Good. On to the music then.

(oh also beautiful voting Denver, CO! keep the dream alive!)

#1 "clockwork tin soldiers" -

gingerbread metalic dog with very shiny boots, a tail somewhat phalice like.... everything is gone. a spiral. tiolet paper. just roll after roll of toilet paper. You may know this part as the part where everything is sort of wobbling up and down... woah, this part is very strange sort of like driplets .. er metab cant talk now no, now because tehres a very dangerous metallic beast walking at me.. with bright yellow sharp points of interface. ahhhh space echo. for a moment i realize i am n new york. oops. i have said too much. the magic goblin ? is a weird individual . no, i b but you have to understandin. oh... there's a baby with flourccent wings.. human baby .. with a dog watching.. and the baby is cralwing up teh tree and he doesnt want to see anything horrible. its a beautl day sort of but.. everying is bright white now with th eorange sun. the baby is crawling into the sun now. , i think its clear , er. well this song really goes many different places - it felt more like a journey wwith 3 or 4 different distinct stop off points. extremely trippy almost to the point of where i was actually scared .. either of the metallic beasts or of losing my sanity - not sure which. 9 marijauna leaves. you should get high and listen to this, and see if the beasts come for you.

(now to talk a little bit about my listening area, I use headphones for this... for one because its late and i want to lisen loudly, for another i find it to be the most intense all surrounding way to listen to music. really helps put me into another world. i am typing most of this with my eyes closed - really getting visuals from the music and reporting back what kind of things the music lets me see and where it takes me.) i do sometimes open my eyes during the song and this i am typing with my eyes open as i try and think about which song will be next.)

#2 The Beatles "I Want You (she's so heavy)" - I'm not quite sure why I picked this song, maybe it picked me. Track #6 on Abbey Road, which I'm hoping you already own! If not you should be clicking on The Beatles and ordering all of their music. Now.

mmm delicious bass. mmcarrtney is a motherfucker on the bass. i am loving the sound on this track. so warm and fat. subtle panning on the drums.... i dont know if i've ever noticed that before. she's so heavy indeed. the she's so heavy part has a lot of colors involved. oh wow. i knew this jazzy bit would come... but it's still amazing me. it's like some sort of spacy ballrom dance. just fancy as hell motherfuckers dancing around the dance floor .. and a huge thing.. there in th emiddle dancing..oh nice organ, when that comes in its like something from somewhere else just coming in and poking the song. the organ is killer on this. It's really beautiful on these Beatles songs the way you can pick out any art of the song and be amazed by that alone. and then when it comes to them all working together.. they are the tits man. yes. the basss. FUCK. i mean sjesus, have you heard this song? this is incredible. oh wow... the way he goes.. "she'so..." and instead of the song exploding like you thing it goes into some sort of fucking warped ass tunnel... JESUS , my arms are tingling right now. like it feels like my skin is catchign on fire and my bones are rattling. ok i am getting myself together a little bit... i'm still hearing the echoes of "heavy heavy" in my head even though the song is being ascended upon by many grey clouds. you can really feel the song getting sucked up into this machine. its like a giant vacuum cleaner trying to suck the song up into it. and ossibly me too? ... er. shit. um. yeah so uh. .. i have to open my eyes now because i was worried it was going to suck me alive.. and now i might have to take off my headphones cuz i am freaking out and it hink its trying to suck my face off. like maybe suck my brain out of my head oh shit... ooo. ok, i might have gotten a little too high. i'm very paranoid right now. i'm going to settle down for a second and see if i can add more to this in a bit. this isn't over - just on on

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