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Thursday, November 10, 2005


# 5 primal scream "slip inside this house" track 2 from 1991's classic Screamadelica

sorry about the no typing. just enjoying the visual now. this has been very nice and sort of just numbly brain melting now... just cutting slices from my mind in a way that i dont mind. this repeating riff always messes with me, i know its repeating but it seems to be off or in some ... different pattern sometimes but so slightly as to only be noticeable off hand. off hand? .... now the laughing is involved. i just noticed.. holy shit. this is fucked. i have heard this song a million times and just realized the voices in the background are saying "take off your pants" - thats insane. i cant believe i never heard that before. ive listened to this song totally tripping off my balls before. 9 marijuana leaves.

#6 Sufjan Stevens - "conerning the ufo sighting..." - from his latest album illinois. I remember hearing this song recently and thinking there's some really nice subtly psychedelic things in it. we'll see... i certainly have more respect for sufjan's insanity abilities after that track from enjoy your rabbit.

evoactive... 1950s... beautiful flutes. very clean. butterfly ..... interesting vocal turn there... very unexpected. his voice gets really weird for moments. that was very interesting. very pretty tune. short. only 2:08. 7 leaves.

#7 now its time for some olivia tremor control - they probably put me on my most memorable "high as hell" review so far. and i think they are about the trippiest band to ever exist so i think it's time to listen to something off of dusk at cubist castle. i feel like going for it so i'm going to try and listen to the "green typewriters" suite in it's entirity.

i think i forgot how many great little songs are in this thing. i'm mostly just enjoying the tunes at the moment. real nice stuff. sunny days. things justing weird.. now... just a singular electronic mosquito in the air... and now here.. really i just have to go back to the ship i think. hold on.. somehow... all of these voices seem to be going at different speeds but somehow they manage to stay pretty much at the same time. perhaps it... butits not just a pitch change there was speed change as well. maybe it was somehow speeding up and down but the differences in pitch confused that even further. watching those cars peel through my head is very cool. its neat how you can make someone pay attention to such small details if its all that you give them to hear. hearing this synth slowly have another synth added to it has been very strange. things are all changing exremely slow. but somehow there is tension building. when the distored truck ran through my had that was crazy.. and then just the slightest colors floatin in the air on the right.. i know the next part is coming by hearing that "so help me baby" or whatever it is on the radio on that passing car. or atleast i think so...... maybe its relative.. pretty much just drops of waer and birds now... im hearing beat interactions between the birds and the water. woah.. just floatin n the clouds now... or stairing tat the couds as everything circles around me..

its been a while now.. im not sure what to sa.. y. we're not . er were now on #21 ... the last GT song... nice little beatlesy bass bit. beautiful backing voices. love that. quite cool. i think it's time to wrap this up. 9 marijuana leaves!


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