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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

high as hell #5 (radiohead overview)

High As Hell Reviews #5. working on getting high now. the reviews are to come my friends. i am not sure whether i'm going to continue the theme of career overviews or whether i'm just going to listen to various artists as i feel like it. i will have to take a couple of tokes to think this over. !

I think i've decided on a Radiohead career overview. I'll be starting at their early career and go through their most recent stuff. I don't think a lot of people think of Radiohead as a really psychedelic band - they aren't psychedelic in the cliche sort of way - ... but to me they are definitly psychedelic. anything that really stimulates your mind is psychedelic music to me - I had a discussion about this earlier. It explains why beethoven is pychedelic and britney spears is not (of
course when you're actually tripping EVERYTHING is psychedelic... ) ... but that's not to say there cant be trippy little production tricks and whatnot even in otherwise rather unpsychedelic music - it's sort of hard to explain what I mean by that... but to me anything that tickles my ear with a little surprise is psychedelic as well as things that take you on a journey. still, probably makes no sense to you. oh well :) let's move along man.

first things first - we must choose a song from pablo honey. of course I could go with "creep" ... and I probably will, although i dont consider it a very trippy song... it'd be a good reference point to compare to their later material. - (radiohead in my opinion have got more and more psychedelic as they've gone along probably hitting a pinacle at kid a and leveling off a bit in the realms of creating psychedelic music since then.) . but first i must take a piss and a couple more tokes and make a decision at that time. I've decided to update this one song at a time! so those of you who are lucky enough to find this blog at this momentous time will be able to read in real time the magical reviews of the magic goblin!


#1 "Creep" - off Radiohead's first (and by far least interesting, so far.) album Pablo Honey

first thing i notice is the song feels faster than i remember it being. pretty quick tempo to start things off. remember people my eyes are closed while i type and watch the song as it approaches me. speaking of angels thom - your voice sounds quite lovely. it does seem like it could be a bit more all over it though. pretty nice release on the chorus - which is of course what the song is famous for. during the chorus i started getting lifted to a bit of a pscyhedelic mindset but i'm not quite flying high yet. it does feel a bit like an explosion as the second chorus hits. lots of light created by that. really its this bridge section that takes the song to the next level. ruuuuuuuuuuuuuun. ol' mr. yorke sure has some pipes. overall a nice song - i did enjoy listening to it - but certainly much more emotional than trippy or psychedelic - besides the guitar grunches and some sort of explosive guitar playing during the chorus - the song is sonically pretty straight ahead and untrippalicious. 3 marijuana leaves.

#2 "The Bends" - from The Bends. second song on their second album. this has always been one of my favorite tracks on the album and I think it's got some interesting bits. when I first saw radiohead live in '98 this was the song that I remember
really blowing my head off. nice the way the guitar just torn into that sort of ambient atmosphere and ripped it all away. theres some nice sort of like little buillds and releases in that intro. sort of subtle in a way. i like the organ(i think) in the background on the verse.. its very buried. but there ti is. on that first verse anyways.. no i hear it underneath the crunch guitar on verse 2. im still not getting a lot of visuals yet. im not sure why. usually im out of my mind with this much pot. i like those sort of little pauses ... thats the kind of subtle thing people only notice subconciously usually. awesome instrumental breakdown. this is what was really amazing live. lots of things just circling all around now. things are getting wild. mr. greenwood is getting a bit insane with his ol' guitar. some nice deep bass in this song as well. overall i quite enjoyed the songs and was headed a bit to some trippy bliss but didnt quite make it. not sure if i blame the song or my mental state at the moment - though probably more the latter - i'm still going to give this song a rather low score - 4 marijuana leaves. it was definitly more psychedelic than Creep though - especially that instrumental breakdown. that was real nice. now again, i dont want to go over this every time kids. but yes i get quite close to tripping when i smoke the weed - its because, i believe, of all of the psychedelic drugs i've done in my life - it makes it quite easier to get into
that certain mindset where i see a dead armadillo on my bookshelf.

#3 "Climbing Up The Walls" - track #9 from OK Computer.

now this is a bit more of a creepy place to be. right off i hear a lot of thought behind the sonic space here. a very wide open sound yet many little details as well. difficult to do this properly - very nice. the synth bass sound is really awesome here. those vocal sound effects are just insane. like laughing faces floating acorss the mindspace. getting a bit scary now. this instrumental bit is insane. its hard to tell if its a fucked up horn, a fucked up synth or maybe even a guitar knowing these ol' crazy kids. it could be anything. pretty nuts. overall a very psychedelic track - i'm really not getting into the right mindset tonite or i think that could have been really nuts. 8 marijuana leaves.

#4 "Palo Alto" - from the Airbag EP released after OK computer.

this song is pretty bloody insane. this is really taking me somewhere now. everything feels like its going THROUGH my head. when that crunch guitar comes in its very weird - its as if things are living in the guitar. i love the way you can hear the slides on the string and everything on this - that sort of just dirty sound - it sounds amazing. greenwood is a fucking god of the guitar that is for sure. its really amazing how just weird and ambient its getting now. the song is just madness. great stuff. this is just very evocative music. i think this is going to be my favorite song so far. just great guitar effects and production in this track. i loved the spaces created... so intense and psychedelic at the same time.

#5 "the national anthem"

nice spacy biz... the echoing voices from somewhere.. its fsort of like the one sound is the antanae and then we are hearing what its picking up with some of the other sounds... things are getting pretty damn circular now... just a tunnel type thing... like inside a thing. um.. crazy band arrives just sort of off time and wild. crazy people. not much sense. sort of out of nowhere a voice appears. the voice seems to be creating sort of stairs somewhere... very strange sound here in the right channel... these horns are just nuts now. its nice how theres this other sort of just alien sound competing against the horns.. its really just creating a furious ball of energy now - just leaping in all different ways... like some sort of flaming asteroid out of control. now some horn is trying to suck the rest of the song in.. the horn player looksl ike the cartoon character fat albert. he's just a jumping around sucking all of these people into his horn. its like an old 20s style cartoon. a silent movie type thing with this as the music. but occasionally something .. that shouldnt be tehre like a bright spaceship will fly in the background. 9 marijuana leaves

#6 "pulk/pull revolving doors" - from amnesiac.

interesting the way the left and the right are seperated. the two sides are slightly off from each other to produce a sort of intersting back and forth sound with the drum taps. mostly many sounds back and forth.. the voice is right there in the middle of the head. now i am seeing sort of a space bug marching. the space bug is giving orders occassionally. but mostly he just marches and throws laser bolts. now he is starting to dance.. he has many stickmen all around him doing dances too. very sort of ... hm... things seem to be sort of melting down into my ears. i've got a bit mesmerized by the track. man.. when things get all quiet there its rpetty insane to just watch the things all sort of cycling waiting to come into your brain and then it gets started and its all flowing right into your brain. sort of like on conveyor belts. theres just sort of a door flapping open and closed at the end. 9 marijuana leaves.

#7 "Fog" - bside from the Amnesiac period

much like the name there does seem to be a fog created by the noise there... nice.. its very much like the song itself is actually in a fog... it looks like a boat floating on the ocean.. or maybe just a lake.. but i think the ocean... no.. a lake... there is fog there... its darka t night... the twinkling sort of keys there... oh those are just lights around the boat... its all so soft and gentle yet spooky and creepy at the same time. the backing vocals are just a beautiful touch there. i'm a big fan of the percussion here.. coming in... its a neat .. thing the way this sort of song seems to be almost encrouching on this weird little world. just a real nice hypnotic feeling created towards the end. nice the way the sort of steady bass comes out of it all towards the end.

#8 "backdrifts" - from 2003's hail to the thief

sort of a very outer space feeling created here. sort of like just being in a very sterile space ship. but when the drum and the voice enter thing sfeel a little different - not sure how though. its nice how these sort of clean sounding synth line is coexisting with this sort of ambient backwards biz and then just these insane sounds all around. my really favorite part of the song has entered - the backwards guitars... there's really a great soundspace created here. the vocal effect sounds sort of like ghosts whispering in the background - pretty goddamn creepy. im really enjoying the drums - some really nice little subtle changes here towards the end. i love that sort of attention to detail and find this sort of place... where its just like... you really zoom in close with your microscope and see this one little bit of whats going on - i find that very interesting. 8.5 marijuana leaves.


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