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Thursday, November 10, 2005

high as hell reviews #3

here we go :

1. Paul McCartney - "Mrs Vanderbilt" track 4 from Band On The Run.

Very heavy bass. the acoustic guitars on the left and right give a good answer and response sort of thing back and forth. very quickly. great horn break. some really nice seperation. i believe this is from the remastered new version of BOTR. im not quite as high.. yet.. just i mean as i was previous. but i just took a couple of good hits. things are getting a bit more wobbly now. the horn is back, this song i s alot longer and more epicish than i remember. eyes opening and closing.. to the beat, sort of marching as the song is fading out. it is sort of a march isn't it. those laughs are like a line a of a million books. with dragon heads in the background. fun song 7.5 marijuana leaves.

2. Throbbing Gristle - "tiab guls" track 8 from Greatest Hits.

ok i believe i am now blitzed.

song go. uh oh. i am entering the fuck of a scary place. its like just a dark room with fucking insane faces all around. to be honest i've already opened my eyes cuz this is well too fucked up. there seems to be no purpose here except to fucking scare the fuck out of me. and to possibly scrape away my mind. or put a probe down in my nose. i'm not sure if he's always been talking backwards, or if that's something that's started at some point. there are millions of voices in teh background.. so its hard to make out. i actually think all of thos noise sare voices just slowed down or speeded up. this is pretty much just crazy fucked up vocal talking track swith 1 and sometimes maybe 2 synht meandering. that may not sound very interesting and i'm not sure it always ould be. but it's pretty fucking insane right now. you know it's all in the place ment and the sort of space that you create. this particular space/place is essentially quite close to hell. it's been on a long time too. i'm not sure how long it's been now. oh . i think theres some sort of sort of guitar sound.. um... but just totally distorted... and now it faded out. that was totally a place i went to and then left. i'm not sure if it was a song. i'm going to give it 10 marijuana leaves because it completely succeeded in it's intentions and i had to keep my eyes open most of the track because it was just too freaky.

Scumbo - "Moat Brain" - this is my favorite indie band in new york city right now, they don't have an album released yet but lots of songs available for download.

i am suitably high.

lots of high floating sound here. th pre chorus is forming some circular motions. some sort of ciruclar things.. lots of sounds in the backround.. voices in the second verse. more circles - this time with the piano circuling the head. spinning into space a bit during this section. the end section is very pretty. sort of sunny now , out in the fields sort of deal. with trees. down the highway. very quickly over the highway... somehow i've seen this image before in my mind... like in a dream many years ago or something... that's a bit disturbing... not sure what that's about. lovely track. 8 marijuana leaves.

4. Sufjan Stevens - "year of the snake" track 7 from ENJOY YOUR RABBIT. I just got this album and havent actually listened to this song before. I have most of his other stuff but was curious to hear this - i've heard the first few tracks so far and they were quite weird. apparently the whole album is instrumental, mostly electronic.

very much like having ones head examined by many strange instruments. everything feels like its happening either to or in my brain. im now seeing random commercials in my head... like target... many swirals... milliono of kids walking down the hallway with swirls ni their hands ... now ni a circle and on top of each other and in million sof shapes. . just wlaking around like dlittle demons. ok this just got really insane for a second... like the whole thing just exploded out of the cieling. and went plooop. its like parts of another reality breakin for a few moments.. and just do their thing.... but otherwise its all this just very strange place where just a few weird objects are floating in the air. seems to be fading out now though.. er... im not totally convicned actually... things just got very weird again. unexpeced weird little balls of light. now its like we're on oz or something. very weird shit going on. this a pretty .. fucked up song. weird as hell. its probably helping it that i've never heard it before so everythings a total surprise. its like going on a magic ride. and you have no idea what crazy things tyou will see next. now everything is slowing down in space.. like slow motion.. like things are breaking apart... and slowing down in a very sort of like time melting way. oh shit man.. the way that thing was sucking me up .. into what i guess is the next track was totally insane.. at first i thought it was the beat of drums coming in but i think it ended up being something much more dangerous. now i'm contemplating a few things .. listening to another sufjan stevens song but maybe one of his straightforward ones to compare. or something from primal scream. 0h yeah 10 leaves.


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