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Sunday, November 20, 2005

high as hell reviews #4

workin' on it my my main G's. slicer up a bucket of donkeys if you have the chance.

#1 - the flaming lips "slow nerve action" the last track on _transmissions from a satellite heart_ ... (a visual journey) already some curviture of space time. hold on. ok... big monster.. people all around ok i have to stop. i think i may have got too stoned for that. had to turn the lights back on. ok... um... yeah.. interesting walking. a lot of people walking in parallel paths... sort of like a giant line.. like at an amusement park - but i only mean the line. there's no amusement park. oh... but now there is. there's the feerris wheel. i suppose its a message whatever isn't there is there, andything you say.. isnt there is there... well that makes no sense really - but for a minute maybe you thought it did... and maybe it's whatever makes sense to you that happens. actually that's very true. oh ok... i mean subjectively - objectively there is probably some sort of ultimate truth right... right.... RIGHT!?
!fm1!!@!?!!?! or is it just a bunch of random objects fighting for some sort of ... what... if everything is random and ... things are just bumping up against each other in these ways man... really what's the point? no wonder these random bumping things had to invent God. i wonder... if, even if the random bumping things did create it, couldn't it still be real. for example - people created calculators and they are real. are they not? ah.... yes.. now there is a pot on the stove... an amazing liquid blowing out of it and reaching the ceiling. back in some sort of buiding.... trance like um... sort of dances... electric dances.. people dancing in circles.... just sort of going nowhere but very whiny. i think maybe the lyrics repeating "its all waste of time agian" are effecting my brain signals. its now jesus in the middle with an interesting group of people running in a circle around him... just like people of all types but.. maybe they are just children actually. wearing white robes. jesus is sort of made out of some sort of thread.

9 marijuana leaves - that was a pretty awesome song. i think i may listen to more lips.

#2 The Flaming Lips - ok.. I feel sort of like going through a career spanning lips thing. the lips have had many incarnations but i think all were quite interesting... and all psychedelic in their own ways. truly so. alright then... we're gonna go back before go back forward.. back to a track from in a priest driven ambulance (i'm not as big a fan of the 80s lips stuff - bit too standard garage rock/noise rock for me.. but starting at PDA they are amazing.) track #9 "mountain side" from the classic album in a priest driven ambulance.

strange little halt there.. hm. i wonder if that was on purpose. weird. pretty much burning forward here. "dying" in the lyric sounded weird. i think that was on purpose. yes. you dirty wayne you. some wild guitar is coming in now. i like the sound of the guitar coming in on the right every .. sort of just fading in and out backwards sounds.. just like 1 note really. its really a space that is being created. that's so much what i mean when i talk about psychedelic... so much music is just that music. psychedelic music is something that either creates a space / takes you on a journey or both. now there are different ways of doing that.. yes.. and this one starts of with the space and then takes that space on a journey. but yeah... a lot of times people miss this - this space creation. someone may say why is there a guitar just coming in every once in while playing a single note in reverse... ? what does that mean musically? or how is that supposed to make me dance? but what they are missing is the sound. the pure just sound of it... the way that that is now a representation in the brain. a figure in the mind. a character in a picture. a moving picture.... every sound can create it's own area... its own character... the drums seem slightly off here at the end, very interesting... i think this is on purpose ... and by off i mean just weird. awkward. its very interesting though because it engaged your mind in trying to figure out this strange pattern things seem to be going in - and its just subtle enough that you arent sure whether its really happening or not... woah. that song went to a pretty strange place out in a lake somewhere at the end. really great... overall that might have been even better than slow nerve action. 9.5 marijuana leaves

#3 ok now we are going to hit to death in the future head. an awesome album and their next one after PDA. really all of their albums PDA through yoshimi are brilliant and must own imo. track #7 "the magician vs the headache."

sort of sounds in a box a way... a very different sound than the one i was just listening to. oh... weird voices.. ooh very weird voices. whats up with this biz. ?! the lyrics just hit my brain. theres a monkey getting down making love to the hole in my head? weird sound there... i guess that is the fucking monkey. I DIG IT MAN. i mean that about the little instrumental break that just happened. it was beautiful. it taught my mind a million lessons that i'm not willing to share with myself. ohh... nice ending.. that sound is sort of hypnotic actually... im somewhat tempted to actually listen to the 30 minutes of static at the end of this album but i'm not quite that gone .

#4 we're on to clouds taste metallic, arguably the lips best album. of course you can make a good argument for any of their albums PDA on. "placebo headwound" track 3

woah... this is such a different sound than the lips songs i've heard so far... this is more sort of beatles influenced you can hear... really nice seperated sounds... and some strange changes. now we are marching. very much like a march with the hat up and down and all of that. i'm loving the backing vocals. this is really sort of blowing my song. this song is excellent. like beatles excellent. the type of things going on are awesome. so much thought in the details - such a cool song. im really admiring the music right now more than going on a journey... its just really kicking my ass. great song. i reall love the drums especially on this track. just really neat drums. and the guitars are so bright and nicely mixed. it stays exceptionally weird while remaining just an excellent pop song too.

# time for Zaireeka - I have a version with the 4 CD's mixed down which i'll be using... if you don't know about zaireeka go to the Flaming Lips link and find it there and read about it and then buy it. well really you should buy the other lips albums first and save this one for sort of a ridiculous ending surprise. its really meant to be listened as sort of an experience - but the songs are great and it sounds cool mixed down too - so i'll be listening to track #3 ... "thirty five thousand..." ... btw track #4 a machine in india is a real mind melter i actually didnt pick that because of that, i dont wanna be too hard on my mind brain... we'll see how this one does. woah. that is some fucking iNSANEEEEEEEEEEEEEE shit. just madness. totally wild. im in a fucked up place now with just swirling demons all around me. .. this vocal effect is just insane... yeah.. the captain has gone insane. wow. those bits of white noise are just amazing.. oh man.. now its just getting completely devilish. this biz with the synths is like.. um... i'm not sure it's even legal really at this point. oh sit
er shit.. i'm starto
er. i'm starting to enter other realms of reailt with my eys opne. that seriously like put me into a tracn for a bit. bi t i think i am somewhat coming to now.

10 marijuana leaves.

er.. um.

moving on... i think
#b "softbulletin" - this one is probably if i had to choose - my favorite lips album. although after just listening to the tracks i have been... i dont know anymore. jesus man their shit is just ridiculously awesome. im having a bit of a problem choosing a track im going to go with #6 'what is the light' - always one of my favorites.

wow... the drum thing is so subtle... the way the delays are panning around... the drums are marvelous. everything is very distinct. its like i can hear every single thing in total cleanliness. im getting a beach boys vibe in a way.. and a pink floyd vibe as welll. really beauitiful. this song is just incredibly beautiful. triumphant... things slow down now and we think about where have been. that was really cool. some subtle things happened. and like with all of the other albums im tempted to just listen to this whole one.

#7 - yoshimi battles the pink robots - their latest album from 2002 (how long must we way for at war with the mystics?????) --- im picking #2 ... "one more robot" for one i think its sort of a good example of the yoshimi type of song ... and its far different than any other lips song i've heard today - its also always been one of my favorite yoshimi songs.

i sort of forgot about how it starts with this weird sound... nice subtle way that weird sound becomes a part of the song. and there it fades out.. everything is very phat sounding. warm and wet. as much as it seems like is happening its really just drums, bass, and vocals... of course with so many insane effects on the vocals its .. um.. theres some very faintly mixed stuff i dont think ih eard before there with some of teh vocals buried int he backround. oh there was another cool little thing weird sound there.. hm. .. oh man... this transition is just insane... in a beautiful way.. wow. beautiful. overall during the song i missed a bit of that feeling of space and seperation i just heard in what is light - there seemed almost too much goines on as far as delay - or reverb or whatever because sometimes everything got kind of swirled together. still a great song - but lately i've been a stickler for nice seperation ... er.. yes. but that transition was so amazing really thats the main thing i remember at the moment. 9 stars of crackhead marvin's underlegs.

alright. i think that's a good one. abit of a career overview for one of the best bands in the world - the flaming lips. if you smoke weed and you dont listen to the flaming lips you are wasting good marijuana.


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