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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Magic Goblin is back

alright, i'm back. calmed down a bit. i used to do a lot of serious psychedelics and it seems because of this sometimes marijuana can really put me back in that place... where i feel like i'm on lsd. the difference it's easier to shake myself out of it on just the marijuana, luckily really. er... or you know. anyways i'm now looking for another song... for the record "i want you" scores 10 marijuana leaves. it's the fucking beatles.

#3 Super Furry Animals "Lazer Beam"

I actually havent got into this album yet (Love Kraft, this is track #6) so I figure... if its going to get me, now would be the time eh? I'm a huge fan of Rings and the stuff before Rings but Phantom and so far Love Kraft have sort of just not really clicked with me. So anyhoo. this is the first high as hell song i've listened to that i'm not sure I like. heh, we'll see how it goes. i don't really remember this album by individual tracks that well yet (have only listened to it 4 or 5 times... and maybe a bad sign that i dont really know one song yet?) --- anyways i think i remember liking this song... so that's why i picked it. how much pre-story are we going to get here? maybe i'm still a little freaked out from the vacuum cleaner?)

... pretty nice intro there. there's a lot going on here. i am getting a lot of visuals but it feels almost like so much i'm seeing that i can't really report... as in its like my head is cut up into 5 parts all seeing their own thing. It's not really taking me to any particular place though - it feels like i'm seeing a performance by a ton of little dwarves or something. and i'm sitting in the audience watching it. it seems sort of.. overblown a bit? although I am liking this section more as it's slowing down and spacing out a bit. I'm finding this a bit too overly joyous (?) and repetitive at the moment. At about 3 minutes things get a lot more interesting. i'm actually a bit dissapointed when the song drops back in. This song at the moment is reminding me a bit of Golden Retriever from Phantom Power which is not a good thing. While this song does have a lot going on and is certainly a psychedelic song... I'm not feeling much depth to it - it just feels like candy and it's not allowing me to enjoy it. Maybe I'm just not in the right mood for it? maybe I didn't give it a real shot. but I'm just not feeling this one at the moment. 3 Marijuana Leaves.

#4 Another one I'm not sure how much I like yet.. although I've had definite better first impressions off of this album. No idea yet about the individual songs I believe I've only heard the album twice so I'll be picking a track at random. I guess track 7. oh yeah this is Broken Social Scene's self titled album, which like Love Kraft, from this year, 2005. the Song is "windsurfing nation"

I liked that trick. A lot of nice little glitches and twitches going on here. I really like the way the track is taking my brain into interesting different places. Great drums. a roller coaster... woah... that was unexpected. the way that came in was pretty awesome. I don't think I like the actual song part quite as much as the crazy instrumental intro but it's got some cool moments too but there seems to maybe be a little bit too much going on which is adding more confusion than anything else. i'm really digging the breakdwon. the rapping is pretty damn surprsing. i dont remember hearing that before. wild stuff. i'm seeing some sort of hiphop guys with basecaps dancing around and whatnot. very strange ending. that was quite interesting, definitly makes me want to listen to this album again. 7 marijuana leaves.

#5 Brian Eno - "GOLDEN HOURS" - track 10 on Another Green World. this is one of my favorite Eno tracks, never heard it stoned before, looking forward to it!

warmer and more minimalistic than the last 2 tracks (although the last one was reasonably warm, all things considered) very soft... i like the sort of just wacky piano playing underneath. looks like a weather aloon .. now many.. er.. hot air balloons with curious cgeorge.. all floating in the air... the guitar solo is really nice. i am really enjoying this second vocal part. the lyrics are freaking me out a little bit. overall a very nice and soft journey although with some menace underlying it all. 7.5 marijuana leaves.

#6 i had a lot of ideas for songs... while i was finishing that one up. which is sort of what i'm afraid of - I seem to have lost my ability to focus a little bit here. I've got a lot of different ideas in my head.. one is to play something very famously trippy like something from pink floyd.. the other is to play something very pop or otherwise not considered trippy. sort of totally opposite ideas here.

actually i've got this ray charles album and i'm going to play a song called "let's go get stoned" which i don't really know or remember.

thres something nice about the old timey sounding production on this. everything is very seperated.. the drums are to the right. female vocals sounding like church singers are singing "lets go get stoned" ray's voice is coming through... i'm not having this song so far as a journey ... just like i'm watching them perform. i can see ray charles singing this song and when the female backing singers come in it's like i can see them pop up above my ear where they are singing from. this song has a a real nice swing to it. his voice sounds great on this. he sounds a little older.. but i'm not sure. i might listen to "hit the road jack" next as i know that was one of his very early songs. i just want to compare his voice.

5 marijuana leaves - very pleasant to listen to but not in a mindbendingly trippy way .. more of a just laid back groovy way. very nice. his vocals sounding great. just depends on your mood... and my current mood wants me to listen to "hit the road jack" which will be song

#7 Ray Charles - "hit the road jack" .. oh and what i have ultimate hits collection cd #2 ... well and 1962.. he was 32 at the time. Let's Go Get Stoned was first recorded in 1963... er. so um.

this song (like the last one) starts off with the female vocalists and the drums. very seperated... this time the ladies are in the right. the drums are in the middle and left. simple repetitive bass on the left. This may be a bit too simple for me to get into right now. moods change fast sometimes! 2 marijuana leaves.

#8 I feel it's time to get weird again. Pink Floyd "SHEEP" from track 4 from Animals. Animals is actually not one of my favorite Floyd albums I've never really got into it as much as most of their other stuff. But I don't think I've ever heard it high. I think I remember this being my favorite track on the album - but I haven't heard it in probably a year or more.

pretty wicked way the drums came in... nice reverse reverb effect. i've always liked the way the vocal turns in to the synth on this track. i had to delte something for the well being of captain goblin. i mean magic music. or . so then... insistant bass. heavy chorus... now we are getting somewhere strange... worms... big plastic worms.. maybe actually tubes... a light coming intot he tubes... that was a retty wild synth the way it just came in. like it just landed on my planet from some far away planet ... its now stepping all over the place. sort of feelling filling the fl loor ... and now there is tdancing. grey elephant. marching like an elephant does and being only the thing an elephant could be. an an imal an elephant, i magine for a moment you are an elephant with much deisre to be a horse. what can you do. ? neat . this just got put and then taken and placed. precisely where it wanted to do. do. to. wtf. i think i actually somehow forgot about this. fucking demon com puter talking at me now. saying some shit thats jut splain wrong. im not even totalloy sure at the moment he's in the song. and that's concerning me. i'd rather not even take off the headphones for the concern that he's not in the song. i think he is though. i'll have to confirm later. or if anyone here could confirm the demon computer, please do. how did i not remember that? wtf? i've opened my eyes and i see i am 7:30 in now... so demon computer must have happened at about 6:30.. i think. lasers everywhere. this is a strange song it feels like there's a cowboy. i mean all of the vocals are just some fucking cowboy - riding around on some ridiculous horse. he is now celebrating and doing his lasso all over the place. it's sort of like midnite bowling right now. just a bit of a ridiculous celebration. i'm not sure what i'm celebrating though. perhaps escape from the demon computer? it all fades away. only a dream... laying on the lawn.. out in a field.. i'm not sure. but its a pretty day. 8 marijuana leaves.

#9 i think I'm only going to do one more song and i've decided to go all the way with it. the track that probably scared me more than any other track ever while i've been under the influence of psychedelics - track 7 from Pink Floyd's first album (with syd barrett) "interstellar overdrive" - that first album is a must own if you love psychedelic music imo - PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN.

alright... here we go:

as soon as i hear that riff i think "oh shit", actually i think i said it out loud. wide seperation... crazy guitar on th eleft... drums in the right. bass also in the right, there doesnt seem to be anything in the middle. its like both sides of my ears are fighting against each other. ok... somehow we have made our way out into outerspace.. really hard to tell how we got here though. now i see a peacock. the peaccock has dturned into a spiral... we are floating in space... im not sure who we are.. um... but there light bubbles of light.. everything i s spinning... im now in the ocean down on earth... again with the spirals.. everything is turning in on itself.. im getting a little scared so i popped a peak with my eyes, and im amazed to find its only 2 minutes into the song... ... i close again, i know i hae much longer to go... theres now some sort of metal chicken pecking at my ear. if you have heard thi sosng you know this metal chicken well. feet... and brooms... something near my feet. bugs.. oh man. bugs. bad. no bugs thanks.. hmm.. NO BUGS> shit. bugs. bugs everywhre. fucking bugs ok i had to open up my eyes. i saw something on the right when i opened.. ok just hit 4 minutes.. closing again. seem to be back of earth now... floating in vast .. ness. but with lights... of various color.. no white.. white white. white lights.. sort of like space ooddysy 2001 now... with the lights on both side.... i can seem y own eyeballs.. ok.. i had to open up again when that happened. sorry but this one takes me to dangerous bits of me ol' weird head. i just remembered a scene from a movie i saw 12 years ago. i think this shit is actually tearing into my brain and digging into my very memory ... somehow actually wedging itself in my brain. im not sure really what to do about it. i thikit actually makes those decisions for me now. armadilo. balack and red... dice.. everything is black and red... interweaving... back and forth... nothing but black and red objects.. geometric shapes interlocking... ... we some of our old friends aproaching.. adn then floating back away... we're not sure if they are coming or going.. whether we are coming to going ... woah... just was in a the .. the country.. like.. out in the country when suddenly everything just froze in place and then fell away from me. sort of like everything is going in reverse now and everything is being sucked away. i feel the return of the big riff now... its building up... this panning freakout at the end is almost like its trying to erase our minds so we dont go back and tell anyone else about what we saw. but there's little bits still there... that leak through to our every day normal ... or.. whatever it is... lives.

10 marijuana leaves.


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