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Thursday, November 03, 2005

the next round of HIGH AS BISCUITS MP3 REVIEWS!

High as Biscuits review session #2. And the first with my new christend alter-alter identity Magic Goblit. er GOBLIN.

My first song is going to be something off of Jonny Greenwood's solo album "BodySong" --- I know I have mentioned this album earlier as I'm a big fan of it. Mad Scientest Music of the highest order. Unique... Sounds like the future and charmingly classic at the same time. Now which track to play, I'm not sure - it's really an album to hear as a whole. I'm currently listening to track #10 which is very beautiful - but it just ended and was not a selection. Plus I need to take another hit first I think, although I'm definitly heading towards jupiter.

Yeah, I'm now blitzed. Good. On to the music then.

(oh also beautiful voting Denver, CO! keep the dream alive!)

#1 "clockwork tin soldiers" -

gingerbread metalic dog with very shiny boots, a tail somewhat phalice like.... everything is gone. a spiral. tiolet paper. just roll after roll of toilet paper. You may know this part as the part where everything is sort of wobbling up and down... woah, this part is very strange sort of like driplets .. er metab cant talk now no, now because tehres a very dangerous metallic beast walking at me.. with bright yellow sharp points of interface. ahhhh space echo. for a moment i realize i am n new york. oops. i have said too much. the magic goblin ? is a weird individual . no, i b but you have to understandin. oh... there's a baby with flourccent wings.. human baby .. with a dog watching.. and the baby is cralwing up teh tree and he doesnt want to see anything horrible. its a beautl day sort of but.. everying is bright white now with th eorange sun. the baby is crawling into the sun now. , i think its clear , er. well this song really goes many different places - it felt more like a journey wwith 3 or 4 different distinct stop off points. extremely trippy almost to the point of where i was actually scared .. either of the metallic beasts or of losing my sanity - not sure which. 9 marijauna leaves. you should get high and listen to this, and see if the beasts come for you.

(now to talk a little bit about my listening area, I use headphones for this... for one because its late and i want to lisen loudly, for another i find it to be the most intense all surrounding way to listen to music. really helps put me into another world. i am typing most of this with my eyes closed - really getting visuals from the music and reporting back what kind of things the music lets me see and where it takes me.) i do sometimes open my eyes during the song and this i am typing with my eyes open as i try and think about which song will be next.)

#2 The Beatles "I Want You (she's so heavy)" - I'm not quite sure why I picked this song, maybe it picked me. Track #6 on Abbey Road, which I'm hoping you already own! If not you should be clicking on The Beatles and ordering all of their music. Now.

mmm delicious bass. mmcarrtney is a motherfucker on the bass. i am loving the sound on this track. so warm and fat. subtle panning on the drums.... i dont know if i've ever noticed that before. she's so heavy indeed. the she's so heavy part has a lot of colors involved. oh wow. i knew this jazzy bit would come... but it's still amazing me. it's like some sort of spacy ballrom dance. just fancy as hell motherfuckers dancing around the dance floor .. and a huge thing.. there in th emiddle dancing..oh nice organ, when that comes in its like something from somewhere else just coming in and poking the song. the organ is killer on this. It's really beautiful on these Beatles songs the way you can pick out any art of the song and be amazed by that alone. and then when it comes to them all working together.. they are the tits man. yes. the basss. FUCK. i mean sjesus, have you heard this song? this is incredible. oh wow... the way he goes.. "she'so..." and instead of the song exploding like you thing it goes into some sort of fucking warped ass tunnel... JESUS , my arms are tingling right now. like it feels like my skin is catchign on fire and my bones are rattling. ok i am getting myself together a little bit... i'm still hearing the echoes of "heavy heavy" in my head even though the song is being ascended upon by many grey clouds. you can really feel the song getting sucked up into this machine. its like a giant vacuum cleaner trying to suck the song up into it. and ossibly me too? ... er. shit. um. yeah so uh. .. i have to open my eyes now because i was worried it was going to suck me alive.. and now i might have to take off my headphones cuz i am freaking out and it hink its trying to suck my face off. like maybe suck my brain out of my head oh shit... ooo. ok, i might have gotten a little too high. i'm very paranoid right now. i'm going to settle down for a second and see if i can add more to this in a bit. this isn't over - just on on


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