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Monday, December 05, 2005

high as hell random album notes & stories #1 (Radiohead - Hail To The Thief)

you know you're high when you think backdrifts is the best song on the album. well atleast so far. maybe it's just because it's the song playing right now. really beautiful to watch this one move. really great track. personally more the type of place i want the next radiohead album to. well i think. you know fuck what i want. goddammit! i just hope they try to make it something brilliant. if they give that effort i'll probably be pretty intersted to hear what they've done.

i just thought of the funniest thing... i was thinking about some people who i was arguing with earlier. what actually caused me to breakout this album for listening. some people were saying that radiohead weren't their cup of tea (in less kind words.) and i was saying how weird it was for me that people who i otherwise respect, think are intelligent... that people who are like this and have otherwise good taste in music can just not get something as clearly brilliant as radiohead - and how weird this was to me. and it is. and i was thinking about ..

just now i was thinking about how i dont really hate any bands like that... like i dont go around hating on bands really. and then i thought about bands like matchbox 20 and the like that i can hate on a bit. or nickelback.. or creed.. you know just suckass shit like that. sure i hate that stuff. and then i thought. well i just dont hate any actually good bands. sure there may be some that i dont totally get into like i do say the beatles, flaming lips, and radiohead - but i wont be hating on a band just cuz they're not my cup of tea. like i dont really like arcade fire that much so far - a lot of people have been telling me how great they are and stuff and i just havent got much from their album but i recognize it as being pretty good music and i recognize how someone could like it - its like... you know thats cool. i'm not going to hate on something like that. something respectable. so when people dont show the same respect to radiohead - i just find that hard to understand - that type of mindset. and actually i think i've talked myself back into being right. BUT before i got into this brilliant discovery i was talking about how i was saying i didn't hate any actually good bands and ... think about how funny that statement is. i don't hate any "actually good bands" because the bands i consider actually good - are obviously not bands i would hate. hah. so it's sort of a statement EVERYONE could make. unless some people are able to *hate* a band they recognize as good. i dont know that. i may note care for a band i recognize as good ... such as franz ferdinand or bloc party or arcade fire - these are all bands i think are reasonably good and i can understand someone liking them - they dont cause me hate like say linkin park does. or evanescence or limp bizkit or any of that sort of music for the alternative preteen set. that stuff to me is hatable - but i dont consider it "good music" so it's totally reasonable.. to me. er, anyways a brilliant(?!) example of the faulty "logic" used to in ... i forgot the word. just completely blanked the word. but you know what i'm talking about. don't you? it's just one word. it starts with a c i think. i'm pretty sure it's a c but if it's not a c then me thinking its starting with a c will guarantee i am not able to find the answer. but then.. if it does start with c it could help me get the answer? how sure am i about this c business? i'm not.. but really now i'm more concerned of the likelihood of it starting with c than i am with whether or not my head is turning into a pumpkin. i always really liked pumpkin pie growing up with lots of cool whip. that's just delicious to me. so it's sort of like that with food. i mean... i just don't get the stuff some people like. is that like music or completely different, i'm not even sure anymore. about any objective truths. (now playing we suck young blond) - been quite enjoyable. ah nice fast bit. ok... so i was kind of hoping that while i was going off in this other direction that the word would come back to me. its a word meaning like convince yourself of something .. oh.. shit. i remembered it.

RATIONALIZE ... so much for the c.. maybe that was coming from that phrase convince yourself. which i'm not even .. nevermind. so anyways now i can finish that sentence back there.

faulty "logic" used to rationalize things to yourself.!

really nice clean production. now track #8 is on "the gloaming" this is one i took a long time to warm up to... but i like it a lot now. i think i sort of allowed myself into the weird little place it creates ... took awhile to sort of get over my initial sort of being off put by the cheapness of the sound. it's like i could only think of it from an audio architects perspective rather than from that of a listener. now i feel i am really just listening to this thing thats created. its very cool and there's so much more going on than i always thought you know. its amazing what ... can come from a sort of minimalistic situation sometimes - i feel like when there's less there sometimes you listen more intently to what is there. so you will hear more in the fuzz created here than you might from a full orchestra... these last repeating lines i always hear as "please shoot me reagan" and "they could be raelians" any radiohead fans out there want to give me any other perspective on that?

track #9 is a classic in my opinion. really great drums on this track. woah.. i just noticed a weird sound on "broken branches" it really sounds like a piece of sound was broken in half there. i dont mean it sounded like a broken branch but like one of the sound waves created by this song in my head .. like a piece of white light would just crack in half. but i think i heard it again... later on.. it could be one of the drums.. well it almost definitly was but i think maybe they efected that single hit.. oh it just happened again. it almost sounds like a malfunction like a crackle... hm. hard to know whether thats an mp3 encoding issue or whether its actually there. these are 320 mp3s though, not low quality. and yes i do own the album (i can see some of your suspicious eyes on my eyebrows.) - i rip all of my albums onto mp3 almost as soon as i get them usually.

this song gets pretty intense here... oh and that was just the build up. that guitar is huge. such a great riff. greenwood is probably my favorite modern guitarist. save all of your guitar wankery - this guy just makes amazing sounds with his guitar. and i can understand why so many people get upset when radiohead doesnt use more guitars when they have a genius like this using the guitar - but thats just the think - he's a musical genius not just a great guitar player - so let the guy do what he wants. that's what makes his work and them so exciting.

i'm definitly a lover of jonny greenwood yes. i love ol' thom yorke too - but i really think they are a team - they can do good stuff on their own but what they produce together is truly amazing.

"i will" is a very pretty song - i love the clean but still rather warm production. those vocals just sound amazing. nothing but clean electric guitar and an straightforward bass guitar and layers and layers of vocals. what radiohead does and so few bands can say they really do is show an amazing sense of subtley - they dont do something with a song unless they have a reason to do it, you know? so many people would be so tempted with a song like this just to add a bunch of shit that doesnt need to be there you know. they revel in the beauty of such a straightforward arrangement. and they know that the vocals on this song are very beautiful and what you really need to put your ears on. like i was saying earlier - minimalism can cause you to really listen harder to the things that are there.

ok let's get this out in the open, i know you are asking yourself not a single mention of the first 3 songs? well i was listening to this album and getting higher when i came up with this idea - i didn't have it before the album started and i didnt want to start it over again. as you can see too - the idea isnt to necessarily mention every song - it's just about a certain of general journey of the mind while the album is playing - some of it directly related to the music and hopefully all of it atleast somewhat related even if very very very indirectly. the theory being that .. well always.. but especially in such a state the music you are listening to is effecting your mind.. your thoughts are in some way directed by these sounds...

punchup at the wedding is a song i really like because its radiohead really doing something you dont hear them do too often as far as just getting a bit funkalicious (of course in a very radiohead way)

myxamatosis is sounding pretty insane right now. that phat synth is just like.. woah.. and whats that sound off int he distance i hadnt really heard that before. its hard to make out.. lamost like a distant guitar.. almost like... just another synth but really really overly effected. or some sort of rervbereration or delay off the main sound. sorry i closed my eyes there for a bit. this song is really taking me off a bit. its actually freaking me out a bit thought. theres really some amazing things going off in this track with the way the synths are competing against each other. coming in over each other. this is what i'm talking about - this song is just great. how can you not touch yourself when you hear something liket his? fucking beautiful , creepy, otherworldly, just fucking beautiful insane music. what sort of nonsense to you have to have going on in your head that's going to not let you enjoy this?

track #13 is another example of radiohead being restrained. scatterbrained. this is a pretty song that has some really pretty and delicate moments. the song is very delicate. the roof is pulling off by his fingernails. love that line. such subtle little vocal effects there at first... woah.. this song is just fricking beautiful. i think this is the most i've ever enjoyed this song in my life.

final track is now on. wolf at the door. i dont think ive ever liked this one quite as much as some others have. but its cool in that it doesnt sound like any other radiohead song to me. i heard something insane just now but i dont know if it really happened or not. some.. thing. ok so ... this is another song with very sort of clean straightforward instrumentation. i think radiohead may be a band that uses restriction as a focusing agent. ie if you give yourself a set of restrictions it can cause you to be more focused in your creativity and may force yourself out of somethings you let yourself fallback on... by restricting yourself of it. yeah anyways i dont know if i've read this in interviews or not but i can totally imagine radiohead saying "ok we're only going to use uneffected/clean drums bass guitar on this one." just to see what would come of it. and maybe on another "let's use only electronic elements" - you know whatever - push yourself in different ways - i think thats the key. i dont know whether they do these particular things or not atleast in exactly that way - just saying i can imagine that maybe they do from some of the stuff i've heard and that.. fuck it - it sounds like a good idea and i've heard of other artists doing similar things.

well then this is a conclusion of this one! i enjoyed the album quite a bit - i'm not saying i now rate it with kid a and okc or anything but it's a top album with some really nice moments.


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