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Sunday, December 18, 2005

recommended chillout/fall to sleep (while a tad stoned) music

Brian Eno - Ambient 1 "music for airports"

really beautifully simple music. when you want a totally relaxed feeling it works very nicely. manages to be subtley interesting while sort of massaging your mind at the same time. i love how the minimalism of it makes me start to think that the fuzz is being manipulated to go in and out as part of the song... and well ... at the moment i believe it is. but usually i would just hear it as being a white fuzzy noise indicative of some warm analog equipment but not any sort of purposeful manipulation. well if you were to hear something like this on a record made in 2005 it'd probably be purposeful manipulation. actually... the way it just jumped left to right definitly makes me think its being done on purpose. fuck thats sly. anyways i was just going to say that you would only hear fuzz like this on current time recorded record if it was wanted to be there. but back in the day you'd get a bit of fuzz but now thinking about it - this level of fuzz is clearly on purpose too. hey man, i am tired. give me a break. i'll just sit back and listen to the rest of this. pick it up if you want to hear something gentle without being mindless.


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