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Sunday, December 04, 2005

some mp3 reviews.

1. Marilyn Manson - Rock Is Dead.

i'm not a marilyn manson fan really. but sometimes I like to listen to different things. you know. I kinda like the dude, as a dude. sometimes I feel maybe i've been too dismissive of his stuff. It's kinda cool in the same way that NIN is cool (clearly very influenced) - well kind of the same way. There's not as much thought put into this production. and i'm not really saying it's as good as NIN. you know strike that. but i don't actually mind the track - it's kinda fun. some cool sounds. 6 stars. ? this may have been my worst review yet.

ok maybe i've smoked a little grass. but these arent official high as hell reviews - i cant take the whole eyes closed deal and all of that. so these will just be normal reviews but tinged with a little bit of magical fairy dust.

2. Bauhaus - the three shadows (part 1) ...

I'm not a fan of Bauhaus - in fact i don't know if i've ever actively listened to them before - but i've found this mp3 on my computer so it seems like time. I'm actually quite enjoying it. It's very atmospheric and subtle. some of the guitar effects are a bit overdone. and it gets maybe a tad bit repitious ... i mean clearly it's meant to trance one out so some repetition is necessary. i like it, and i like the idea of it - ... hm... nice vocals... sort of like monk chants these. i dig 'em. 7 stars.

3. Glen Frey - The Heat Is On -

now who didnt love Beverly Hills Cop? I don't think I ever realized this was Glen Frey till just now. the dude from the Eagles right. what's that all about. pure cheese man. i loved this song when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure though if it was featured in some dumb new movie I'd probably hate this song now and wish it to be eaten by an alligator. Partly cuz I hate all of this 80s retro bullshit. Anyways this is a fun song to listen to for all the wrong reasons... it really is quite bad though. its really amazing listening to the rhythem section and how it could be a michael jackson song. i'm not even sure what this is trying to accomplish. am I supposed to want to dance? oh man. well the heat is on . it's on the street.
82 onion rings.

4. Curtis Mayfield - This Love Is Sweet -

ah pretty glorious vocals there. such a warm sound on this track. pure warmth. great horns. this is just some enjoyable music to listen to. like laying out in the fields and shizzle like that. 17 sunflowers.

5. Radiohead - Dollars & Cents

always one of my favorite songs from amnesiac. such a strange song as far as the sort of just place it puts you in. a lot of reverb ... just drenched. i love the use of strings on this track. of course the bass part is the big anchor on this song.

6. Ween - Pink Eye On My Leg

from the brilliant the mollusk.
such sort of cheap effects but they sound really cool. it's sort of a candy happyland. little cartoon dog now. he barks like a cartoon dog not like a real dog. very very groovy song. very visual. 8.5 marijuana leave.s

7. Primal Scream - Give Up But Don't Give Out (Portishead remix.)

that bit around 2 minutes in when it all changes is madness. this track has really just been taking me on a trip. 10 hits of acid.

8. The Animal Collective - who could win a rabbit

this is a band i've been working on getting into - i feel like i should like them. but it just hasnt sunk in for me yet, i *love* weird music but for some reason their stuff has just seemed really unlistenable. i'm gettin pretty damn high now so i figure if it's ever going to work for me, now would be the time. let's see how the ride goes.

starts of insaner n hell. well i am understanding a bit.... yes. i am. there is some really neat stuff going on. im still not sure if i dont think the song itself isnt annoying. but there really is some neat stuff going on here. a ton of energy and some just insane production techniques. interesting. i think where their success is coming from is their ability to bring a lot of energy and quirky sort of personality to something that is really very experimental and just sort of like sonic wizard pants. but all that being said ... was the song any good? i'm not sure really. i dont think its particularly catchy and it seems to be sort of... you know like annoying. its sort of just insane in that weenish type of way but it doesnt quite fit that. im still not sure what i think of these guys - but i did enjoy listening to the track this time around. and i'm still intrigued.


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